Canon XSi Released

About time, Canon has just released the followup to the EOS Rebel 400D/XTi (my camera) with the new EOS Rebel 450D/XSi. So what’s new about it exactly?

  • 10.1MP CMOS sensor (XTi) vs. 12.1MP CMOS sensor (XSi) [Not necessarily a good thing. More pixels on the same size sensor generally means lower quality and more noise.]
  • 2.5 inch LCD (XTi) vs. 3.0 inch LCD (XSi)
  • Larger viewfinder on the XSi.
  • Live View
  • Spot Metering
  • Multi-shot self-timer mode
  • Auto Lighting Optimization
  • Highlight Tone Priority
  • 14-bit A/D converter
  • Digic III
  • improved 9-point AF system
  • higher capacity battery (1080 mAh vs. 720 mAh)
  • My Menu customization
  • Revised user interface
  • ISO in the viewfinder (You don’t know how many shots I made with the wrong ISO…)
  • SD/SDHC card (This sucks for me because I have a collection of CF cards)
  • 3.5 frames per second (vs. 3 frames per second on the XTi)

One major thing is that the new Canon EOS Rebel 450D/XSi is slightly bigger which should be more comfortable. I don’t think I would upgrade to this from my XTi because the features aren’t so huge. I rather get the Canon EOS 1D Mark III or the Canon EOS 40D at the very least.

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