Apple iPhone versus LG Voyager, initial thoughts

Our friend Hoai got the LG Voyager recently. Before I go on, full disclosure, I own an iPhone. So does Andrea. I’m very happy with the iPhone and Apple products for the most part. So this initial review might be bias, but I’m going to try my best to be impartial. Also keep in mind that this is only an initial review and by no means a complete in depth review. When I get a chance I’ll review it more in detail.

Cell Phone Design

My first thought when I saw and held the LG Voyager was that it was clunky and felt overly plastic; it doesn’t quite feel as sleek and well built as the Apple iPhone. The aluminum body does make the iPhone slightly feel heavier than the Voyager, but it’s well worth the slight additional weight (4.8oz vs. the Voyager’s 4.69oz). The iPhone has a simple, but aesthetically pleasing look to it whereas the Voyager seems a bit too busy with the speakers on top and the various buttons on the side. The Voyager doesn’t quite feel as comfortable in the hand versus the wider iPhone, but when holding the Voyager, I don’t feel like the phone is going to slip out of my hand.

Sound Quality

The Voyager definitely has the iPhone beat on this. I didn’t get a chance to compare to the sound quality on a call, but I do find the iPhone is a little low at times. Playing music or videos via the speakers on the Voyager sounds surprising loud and clear whereas on the iPhone, because the speakers are located on the bottom, more muffled and drowned out.

To Flip Or Not To Flip

So one of the biggest features touted on the Voyager is the full QWERTY keypad, which I do agree is easier to type messages accurately, but buttons feels so outdated. Using the iPhone’s touch screen feels like a Star Trek device, in a good way. I definitely like the virtual rotating screen of the iPhone over the flip screen of the Voyager.

Initial Review Conclusion

I saw the sample video of the TV function on the Voyager and it looks very promising; unfortunately the Bay Area seems to be the one of the places not currently supporting the V CAST Mobile TV as of yet. Another cool feature on the Voyager is expandable memory via micro SD card whereas the Apple iPhone’s memory is set at 4/8/16 GB.Also another thing I don’t quite like is the force feedback touch screen of the Voyager. It feels like I’m getting static shocked every time I press something on the screen. The touchscreen doesn’t seem as responsive as the iPhone either. The flick-scroll works so much smoother and seamless on the iPhone than the Voyager. Every time I was trying to flick-scroll, I ended up selecting a contact unintentionally.Given the chance to play with the LG Voyager longer, I may find other things I like and don’t like, but for now, I definitely like my iPhone much more.

8 thoughts on “Apple iPhone versus LG Voyager, initial thoughts”

  1. Hehehe…these are one of those topics like Mac vs. PC that seem to get people really fired up. I figure mobile phones are the same; choose the mobile phone that fits your needs best.

  2. I just purchased the voyager. I love the phone however I find the scrolling feature needs major improvement. I too am constantly finding myself hitting the wrong contacts. It’s extremely frustrating.

  3. I got the voyager. I love it. The voyager has everything that iphone don’t have it. I bought the apple iphone but I returned it cuz the call sound terrible and it locked up often. the battery drained so fast. and once I got locked up and I wasn’t able to receive or make a call because I couldn’t remove the battery. It was horrible…so I gave up AT&T and switched to Verizon. I bought the voyager, and I love it. I was able to send a picture message/video message to all my friends and family. call sound is superior than iphone. I can watch TV on my phone.

  4. Tom: I’m glad you like the Voyager. How is the quality of streaming TV? Does it slow down when the cell signal is weaker? Do you like the force feedback?

  5. i just got the voyager. the scroll is EASY! once yuw get used to it. I love my phone so muchh! its awesome! way better than iphone. i know cuz mhy sister has an iphone and shes jealous of my phone and says the iphone is crap all the time. the voyager has way more stuff!! i love everything i can do on it. tv, internet, videos, pics, and much moree. its way better. and i am addicted to it. verizon rox. at&t doesnt.

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