My Dream Comes True At 8.5 frames per second

I was able to realize one of my long held photography dreams on Saturday. It has been something I have long had my eyes on but no justification to purchase, but that’s now things have changed. As you can probably surmise from the picture, what I’m talking about is a camera. But it’s not just any camera, it is the Camera. Many amateur and pro photographers dream of owning a fine tool such as this, and as of Saturday, I join the ranks of 1D owners. That’s right folks, I am now a proud new owner of a Canon EOS 1D Mark II.

I know some of you may be wondering, why not a Canon 1D Mark III or Mark IIn for that matter? Well, it’s simple, it’s still hard at the moment to justify the cost of the Canon 1D Mark III (~$4,000) and for the price I paid for the Mark II versus what I would have had to pay for the Mark IIn, it was was simply too good a deal to pass up. Especially since the Mark II and Mark IIn are virtually identical except for a few key differences ( it’s like the difference between the Canon EOS 20D versus the Canon EOS 30D), they are one and the same.

Initial test shots and some light use with the Canon EOS 1D Mark II, all I have to say is that it is absolutely amazing. You don’t know how nice it is to have 45 AF points versus 9 on my Canon XTi. Even though this camera is about 4 years old now (first announced in February 2004), it still performs better than a majority of cameras currently out on the market. How many other cameras can do 8.5 frames per second or faster? To my knowledge, only 3 other cameras: Canon EOS 1D Mark IIn, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, and the Nikon D3. I did like my dad’s Canon EOS 5D to a certain extent, but I’m loving the 1D much more.

In case anyone is wonder, yes, I am still keeping my Canon EOS Rebel XTi, it’s still a very handy and versatile tool. And, yes, there is a very specific reason I purchased the 1D, which I’ll be announcing very shortly. As I get a chance to play with the 1D Mark II more and get more acclimated, I’ll post a review.

5 thoughts on “My Dream Comes True At 8.5 frames per second”

  1. Very interesting piece. Enjoyed it… I’m in the same boat. I am currently using an Xti and would love the jump to a 1D. I’m thinking about the original 1D. I know I’m sacrificing print value at 4mpx, but I am curious as to what you think. Would this be a good decision?

  2. Greetings Scott! Not sure if you had a chance to read this? In my honest opinion, it is not worth getting the original 1D. The 1D Mark II is a huge difference as is the 1D Mark III. Some of the major difference you’ll miss is: 1) 4MP vs 8.2MP (it does make a big difference!), 2) dual CF/SD slot, 3) Faster dual Digic II processor, 4) higher resolution and screen size (1.8″ 180,000 dpi vs. 2.0″ 230,000 dpi), and so forth.

    Think of it this way. It is worth waiting a little longer and saving for the camera you really want versus settling for the camera that is kinda what you want, but not quite. You’ll spend more money in the long run.

    Do I regret getting the 1D Mark II over the Mark IIn? Not really. I originally wanted the Mark IIn, as the Mark III, is too new and too expensive to be worthwhile for someone who isn’t depending on this as a living. The Mark IIn’s additional features didn’t justify spending an additional $1,000+ to get such features as a 2.5″ screen, picture styles, and the ability to write one format on one card and another on the other card. I think the Mark II is the best bet for price and features, especially if you can find one with low actuations. My 1D Mark II blows my XTi out of the water in virtually almost every way where it matters. Sure, I would like the bigger screen and what not, but at the end of the day, will a bigger screen help you take better pictures?

    So unless the original 1D is going for a great price, then maybe you should consider it, but honestly, the Mark II is so much better of a camera in every way. It’s worth mentioning that I took some pictures with a friend over the weekend who has a both the 1D Mark I and Mark II and I used the Mark I for a bit to just try and just wasn’t all that happy. Besides, the Mark I sells for about under ~$1000 used in good condition. Spend a bit more money and you can get the Mark II.

  3. Richard. Congratulations on your Mark II. This camera was worth the attention ang praises of a photographer. I too got a Mark II as it was just handed over to me by my sister.

    Question, if ever I have to sell the Mark II in the curent market and at this point in time (11/4/08). How much should I go for it. Can you give me the ranges please.

    I really dont know much about its price but the praises it gets. Wow. Amazing.

    Hoping for your reply sir.

  4. @Francis – the Mark IIs are excellent deals right now. Look for one in great to excellent condition at or under $1500. You could try selling it for $1800 if it’s in super excellent shape with extra batteries. The Mark IIn is still too pricey at over $2k. Also the Mark IV should be released early next year which will further depress the prices. I recently saw a legitimate Mark III for $2900! I’m sure you dont need me to tell you, the Mark II is an excellent SLR in speed, image quality, handling, and performance. Good luck with your purchase and let me know if you need further help!

    I’ve also added a second 1D to my arsenal: the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II.

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