Looking For Free Business Cards?

I’ll personally admit that I’ve used VistaPrint before to make some Business Cards. The process is actually quite painless and easy to do. Although I do have to mention that this sponsored review is actually for VistaPrint.com’s sister site: http://www.vistaprint.co.uk, I’ve only used the VistaPrint.com and not the UK version, but I assume the UK site is the same as the US version.

VistaPrint’s site is very simple to navigate, very good use of a two column layout, thumbnail pictures to represent each section, and most commonly used links for ease of use.

vistaprint-site.jpgSo just to randomly try something, I selected Free Business Cards under the Business Cards section. That takes you to a page where you can select and customize your business cards broken down into 3 parts: What you want on your business cards, the design you want, and initial that you everything you wrote is accurate and not misspelled.

The business card customizer is very easy to use. In the first part, you enter your details such as company name, message, full name, job title, etc. and as you enter the information, the sample business card on the right changes to whatever you put into each of the boxes. If you click on a field, such as address line 3, but leave it blank, it will clear out the sample text in the sample business card. So you don’t have to have every field filled out, but make sure you click on every box. Nothing worse than ordering 1,000 business cards, then realizing that you accidentally left “Address Line 3” on it…very professional.

After you have filled in all the fields (and doubled checked it for accuracy), you get to select from 50 pre-designed backgrounds, but for an additional £12.99 you can select from “hundreds” of other designs. Which maybe worth it if you want to stand out from the crowd. The 50 available designs to choose from have some interesting choices, but a vast majority are plain and unappealing, but at least they are free. After you found the background you like, clicking on it will change your sample business card’s background to your new selection giving you a very good idea of how the final product will look like. vistaprint-select-design.jpg

If the boring layout doesn’t suit your needs, for an additional £7.99, you can “Add more text, change fonts and colours, move things around, or customise the back of the card and more.” Keep in mind that if you select the upgraded backgrounds and then this, your “free” business cards cost has substantially increased (£19.99 total) to the point where you might want to consider starting the Premium Business Cards option rather than the Free Business Cards because at some point you’ll be paying more for the “free” business cards than you anticipated.

The final step is to check, double check, triple check everything that you entered and make sure you like the background, then initial confirming there are no misspellings, etc. and off you go.

You will have to create an account (or login to your existing account) to purchase the business cards. Once you’re logged in, you have the option to continue with the free 250 business cards, or for an additional £6.99, get 500 business cards. Then you select where you are planning to ship them to and decide how slow or fast you want your business cards. You also get an opportunity to select the card stock, matte finish is the default, but there are upgrade options, for a cost. You also get to choose what you would like on the back, if you select the free option, VistaPrint will print an advertising message on the back, kinda like Google Adsense for Business Cards (J/K, it’s just the VistaPrint logo and telling other people where they can get their free business cards from). You can also choose if you want matching documents to go with it, again, with an additional cost. So I didn’t add any additional features or accessories to see how much 250 free business cards will cost me, the grand total with shipping to the US is £5.20. Quite reasonable.

So what about the quality of free? I’ve had people over the years give me their free VistaPrint business cards and the quality is good considering it’s free. It’s a smart move by VistaPrint because it brought me to them thinking “if this is the quality of free, I wonder what paying for it would get me?”. All things considering, it’s worth it if you have a side business with limited budget or want to get free business cards. This would be a great way to pick up dates…make a personal business card and hand them out when you meet someone you want to pick up at a bar, library, museum, etc.vistaprint-review-order.jpg

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