In The Mood For Thai, Then Try Thai Nakhorn

This one place that Andrea and I frequent regularly for Thai food, Thai Nakhorn, located at 464 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA. The food is always good and consistent and the service good. We were there yesterday for dinner.

Having tried a few other dishes, there is only one particular dish I order whenever I come here. It’s not on the menu and unless you look at the white board hanging on the wall, you’ll never know they had it: duck curry. The menu contains 3 other curries: green, red, seafood, and yellow; but the duck curry is definitely my favorite. I like how thick and creamy the coconut curry base is and the pineapples add just the right amount of sweetness.

We started dinner with cucumber salad ($1.50 per person), the portion size being just right to start off. We also had the chicken satay that comes with 5 pieces of chicken on skewer with cucumber side salad and creamy Thai peanut sauce for $6.95. Andrea ordered the red curry ($8.50) and I had the duck curry ($9.50). The chicken satay was good, plenty for two people. Andrea thought the red curry was fine, but had too much bamboo shoots. I’m personally not one for bamboo shoots. The duck curry was very good as always.

If you like spicy, don’t forget to ask the waitress for the chili sauce. What you get is a 3 pack of various types of chili, one of which is sure to make your mouth burn.

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