Web Hosting Pal, WTH Are You Thinking?

Web Hosting Pal does not sell you web hosting or web design, rather it is a Yellow Pages for cheap web hosting. It’s very simply designed, easier to navigate but has a fatal flaw: it’s lacking of information and possible outdated.I tried clicking Introduction to Domain Name under the Beginner’s Guide expecting to find some good information, instead it was empty. I tried the remaining two other links, Introduction to Web Hosting and Email Hosting (with your Domain Name), and they too contained no information. This is particularly damaging to a website that is trying to be a web host review.

The one link that actually had information was the Top 10 Web Hosting cart and even then it was suspect. On the main page, the “best web host” is BlueHost, followed by DWHS and LunarPages. On the Top 10 Web Hosting cart, DWHS is listed as number 1 followed by PowWeb and LunarPages; such strange inconsistencies. What was particularly alarming was the list was last update in October 2005… What was also strange was when I tried clicking Beginner’s Guide in the breadcrumb it took me to PacMan.

I seriously doubt this is an actual website, and if it is, the owner(s) need to seriously revamp the site to contain actual and current data. The best part of all this is found in the footer, turns out this site is hosted by DWHS Inc.

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