Curious What People Say About You Behind Your Back?

Well you’re in luck, Family Keylogger by Spy Arsenal is your answer! What Family Keylogger does is record keystrokes so that whoever uses the computer that the software is loaded on will have their entire instant message conversations, sent emails, visited websites, and launched applications recored for review later. It runs completely hidden so that even a simple CTRL + ALT + DEL to check the process will yield no results. To unhide the taskbar icon, a special keystroke can be assigned that only you would know.

Keystroke logger technology is not anything new, they also make hardware keystroke loggers that you plugin the keyboard into and then into the computer. Spy Arsenal sells this keystroke logger primarily for home and personal use to catch cheating spouses, safeguard children, and even prevent from having to retype “lost” work.

Family Keylogger only works on PC machines.

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