A Site About All Things Mobile

http://wwww.mobuniverse.com (correct link is found here, that was the way I received it) sounds more like a Tony Soprano fan site, but surprise surprise, it’s actually a website about all things mobile. From what I can tell, MobUniverse is all into mobile wallpapers, ring tones, and Google Adsense. Reading the about page is somewhat of an adventure. In FireFox, the Google Adsense box blocks some of the first sentence and in Internet Explorer 7, it’s not too much better. Continue reading A Site About All Things Mobile

Just Upgraded To WordPress MU 1.5 RC1

I had been tempted to upgrade to bleeding edge (WPMU 1.5) as soon as Donncha had released the trunk, but decided to wait a little longer given that it wasn’t merely a little, simple upgrade, but rather huge core changes across the board. The back end is completely redesigned from ground up with a host of new features such as a new media library with built in gallery support.

So far, no plugins or themes have broken, but I will continue to monitor all the sites for any issues.

This Is Just Too Funny Not To Post

I would say that I make about 40-50% of purchases online, not a very high percentage, especially for someone in the IT field, but I’m one of those traditional kind of people (i.e. impulsive buyer…) who likes to actually have the product in my hands and play with it. I understand the convenience of online shopping, but unless you truly know what you want and they have it online for a great deal, then yeah, I’ll buy it that way. But one of the major problems with good deals and online stores is that it offers scammers a more convenient and relatively anonymous way to scam unsuspecting people. Take soniccameras.com for example. They’re website looks decent for a online store, they even have the GoDaddy.com Secure Website badge. Normally you wouldn’t notice anything wrong, in fact you might even be enticed by their great prices on camera, camcorder, and lens. They’re so discounted that you even wonder if they are even making money, until you start noticing some discrepancies. This is the one that struck me as the best one:

Now at first glance, you’re probably thinking, WOW! that’s an awesome deal! Yes it is, especially since the Canon 1Ds Mark III retails for $7000+. Now people who know something about Canon may see the problem instantly. The Canon 18-55mm lens, is a *decent* lens for all intents and purposes. Most amateur photographers will be perfectly happy with it. It’s nice and wide, has a decent focal length, and is light. Nothing wrong with that. The only problem though, the 18-55mm lens is an EF-S mount lens. EF-S mount lens are designed specifically for the digital SLRs that utilize a smaller sensor (i.e. Canon EOS 20D/30D/40D & the Rebel lines) than the full frame sensor. So without extreme modifications, the Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens cannot be mounted on a 1D series. So, needless to say, I don’t think Soniccamera.com is a reliable vendor to purchase a camera from. If you click on the image above, you can browse the website and if you scroll down and look for “1GB Professional High-Speed CompactFlash Card”, you’ll notice it’s priced a little high… But look at this way, they’ll double the memory for free!

Canon and the Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED N

When I first heard about the new Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED N, I was blown away at what a nice lens it must be. I have yet to see it or handle it in person, but from what I’ve seen in pictures, it’s one bad ass looking glass that I would love to have in my arsenal; especially more so after seeing the test results. The 14-24mm performs phenomenally in the lab and in the field. From what I’ve seen this Nikkor lens has to be the sharpest wide angle of this focal length even compared to similar focal range primes! The Nikkor 14-24mm blows away the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM Mark II, the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L USM Mark II, and let’s not even talk about Tamron, Sigma, or other third party manufactures. Between this lens and the Nikon D3, I would switch back to Nikon if I had cash to burn. Actually it doesn’t make sense to switch brands just because the competitor has put out a better product. I’m confident in knowing that Canon will accept the challenge and give us Canon users a 1D that can actually auto focus with amazing low light capabilities that the D3 currently has. I’m not so concerned about the cameras, because to me, it’s the lens that makes the bigger difference. I rather invest my money in great quality glass than drop a wad on a camera that will be replaced a year later with something better for the same cost. Continue reading Canon and the Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED N

A Website With A Stylish Design

There are countless websites out there for practically anything and everything your looking for: how to make a bomb online, stuff white people like, etc. so what about a website dedicated to web design? Enter stage right, http://www.stylishdesign.com. The first good thing about this site is that it has a very pleasing site layout, some might recognize the layout to be Brian Gardner‘s beautifully designed Revolution Magazine WordPress Theme (hey Brian, there’s a plug for you). If your website is going to be about web design, it better damn well have a good web design; it’s like being a web design company with a website put together using a free online html editor.

There is a number of impressive articles on various topics such as SEO, Internet, tools, etc. all well written and clearly laid out especially considering the blog has only been operating since February of this year. According to Stylish Design, the site is operated Robert and Andrei. From as far as I can tell, Robert seems to be the primary writer; not quite sure what Andrei’s involvement is. What is also impressive about Stylish Design besides having so much content in short amount of time is the quality of the content. If you read a few of the posts such as Website Designing – The Planning and I Love GMail because I Have a Lot of Storage Space, it’s very obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into the writing. Each topic is developed and on topic with clear titles and easy reading. Another thing that I particularly like is the fact that Robert can churn out some 3 or more posts a day! As most bloggers and writers can attest to, it’s not always easy to write content, let alone meaningful content, but Stylish Design is definitely heading in the right direction. They already seem to be building a good readership, as indicated by visitors who actually leave comments. It would be nice if a FeedBurner chicklet is added in the future to showcase the following power that Stylish Design will have.

I definitely like the site, the contents, and what it has to offer. It’s still relatively new, so only time will tell if Stylish Design becomes a John Chow or Shoe Money or not, but they definitely are definitely going in the right direction.

Trying To Reconnect With A Long Lost Buddy? Stalker In Training?

Well look no further, Spock – the best for people search, is here to help. So I signed up for an account with Spock. Sign up is relatively easy, you enter an email and a password and you’ll receive a confirmation email which you have to click the link to complete the sign up process. Once that’s done, you’re automatically logged in where you have an opportunity to put in some information such as where you live, where you work, and of course a picture of yourself. Afterwards, you have an opportunity to search for your friends through your contact lists from other social networking sites (i.e. MySpace) and email accounts (i.e. Yahoo). You can then add them and they will receive an email to join.

Using Spock is very easy, it’s like Wikipedia. Type in a person’s name, email, location, or tag to find them or people that match. I ran a few searches such as George Bush, myself, stupid people, and San Francisco. In most cases, a lot of results were available. If you try searching for your friends, it’s more hit or miss depending on how much of an internet celeb they are. Once you do find someone or something that you are looking for, clicking on their name will bring up multiple sites in which the person you are searching for appears in. For example, my search of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yielded Google News stories, her Wikipedia page, her Congress bio page, and other web results. Any available pictures on the web for the various people are also pulled up when searching for a person. Searching for your’s truly yielded a MySpace hit (most likely because I used MySpace to look for other friends) and a various web results for my numerous other sites that would come up with a simple Google search. What is also neat is that any web results found can be marked as relevant or irrelevant to the person being searched so that when the next person doing a search for the person can see specific links are associated to the person.

spock2.jpgFrom what I can gather, Spock is very similar to Google (almost suspiciously copyright infringement similar), but instead of being just a search engine, Spock is zeroing in on the lucrative people search. Spock is very easy to use, simply designed like Google from a web design stand point which makes it effective to find information quickly and clearly. The search engine seems to be powered by Microsoft’s Live Search, as evidenced by the Live Search logo. I think Spock has the potential to become a very useful tool, a cross between social networking and finding people if they can manage to fix the errors I keep getting. The concept is simple, the more people that are involved, the more information Spock will have. Go ahead and join and start your snooping!