Trying To Reconnect With A Long Lost Buddy? Stalker In Training?

Well look no further, Spock – the best for people search, is here to help. So I signed up for an account with Spock. Sign up is relatively easy, you enter an email and a password and you’ll receive a confirmation email which you have to click the link to complete the sign up process. Once that’s done, you’re automatically logged in where you have an opportunity to put in some information such as where you live, where you work, and of course a picture of yourself. Afterwards, you have an opportunity to search for your friends through your contact lists from other social networking sites (i.e. MySpace) and email accounts (i.e. Yahoo). You can then add them and they will receive an email to join.

Using Spock is very easy, it’s like Wikipedia. Type in a person’s name, email, location, or tag to find them or people that match. I ran a few searches such as George Bush, myself, stupid people, and San Francisco. In most cases, a lot of results were available. If you try searching for your friends, it’s more hit or miss depending on how much of an internet celeb they are. Once you do find someone or something that you are looking for, clicking on their name will bring up multiple sites in which the person you are searching for appears in. For example, my search of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yielded Google News stories, her Wikipedia page, her Congress bio page, and other web results. Any available pictures on the web for the various people are also pulled up when searching for a person. Searching for your’s truly yielded a MySpace hit (most likely because I used MySpace to look for other friends) and a various web results for my numerous other sites that would come up with a simple Google search. What is also neat is that any web results found can be marked as relevant or irrelevant to the person being searched so that when the next person doing a search for the person can see specific links are associated to the person.

spock2.jpgFrom what I can gather, Spock is very similar to Google (almost suspiciously copyright infringement similar), but instead of being just a search engine, Spock is zeroing in on the lucrative people search. Spock is very easy to use, simply designed like Google from a web design stand point which makes it effective to find information quickly and clearly. The search engine seems to be powered by Microsoft’s Live Search, as evidenced by the Live Search logo. I think Spock has the potential to become a very useful tool, a cross between social networking and finding people if they can manage to fix the errors I keep getting. The concept is simple, the more people that are involved, the more information Spock will have. Go ahead and join and start your snooping!

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