Just Upgraded To WordPress MU 1.5 RC1

I had been tempted to upgrade to bleeding edge (WPMU 1.5) as soon as Donncha had released the trunk, but decided to wait a little longer given that it wasn’t merely a little, simple upgrade, but rather huge core changes across the board. The back end is completely redesigned from ground up with a host of new features such as a new media library with built in gallery support.

So far, no plugins or themes have broken, but I will continue to monitor all the sites for any issues.

2 thoughts on “Just Upgraded To WordPress MU 1.5 RC1”

  1. I’m tinkering with the RC also. Have you done any testing with mu-plugins? So far, I can’t see any support for per-blog plugin support. Either all on, or all off.

  2. Yes, I use mu-plugins pretty extensively. When you put any plugin into mu-plugins, it is on by default FOR ALL blogs. If you want to enable plugins on a per blog basis, the plugin needs to be in the plugins directory.

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