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http://wwww.mobuniverse.com (correct link is found here, that was the way I received it) sounds more like a Tony Soprano fan site, but surprise surprise, it’s actually a website about all things mobile. From what I can tell, MobUniverse is all into mobile wallpapers, ring tones, and Google Adsense. Reading the about page is somewhat of an adventure. In FireFox, the Google Adsense box blocks some of the first sentence and in Internet Explorer 7, it’s not too much better.


So let’s start off with design. Continuing from the about page, the font seems awkwardly out of place with the rest of the site. For whatever reason, the site owner decided it was best to wrap the entire about contents in pre-format tags making all the text bold and also off setting the text too much to the right making it difficult to read some of the words.

Of the first noticeable things about the site design is how awkwardly placed the Google Adsense ads are. First, the only ads that actually line up with the content and design are the Google Ads in the sidebar. The leader board ad is overlapping the site banner which appears to be 20 pixels too large as it extends beyond the rest of the theme design. I realize that designers sometimes purposely design the site banner to extend beyond to capture more emphasis, but I assure you on MobUniverse, it just looks sloppy. Also the big ad box that starts off the content isn’t even nicely wrapped around content, but rather just there and centered.

In general, this is a nice theme, originally designed by Gail Dela Cruz. This “redesigned” theme is no where nearly as nice as the original Dapit Hapon 1.1 theme. Even the footer looks messy, there is so much text in the footer, it overuns the design.


There definitely is content on MobUniverse, quality content: no. I’m almost afraid to click any links in fear of getting a virus on a million porno popups bombardment. Never-the-less, I do look around and my suspicions are confirmed. There are thousands of links to all sorts of sites with the occasional wallpapers.

Also you will also probably notice that the posts contain quite a number of comments. What’s surprising is that the comments are spam in nature, at first glance anyways, but after reading a few random ones, you notice they start sounding like bot comments, although the site owner is clever, all the comments relate to ring tones, wallpapers, etc. Also the content seems very much centered on nokia mobile.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is one of those site whose purpose is to exploit Google Adsense. There is hardly any quality content or comments. Complete waste of time.

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