Impressed With Ace Photo Digital

I recently picked up a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L Mark I USM and needed to get a UV filter for protection. I checked the usual suspects for pricing (B&H Photo Video, Amazon, and local stores) and found Ace Photo Digital (company website) on What’s a bit funny is that while I ordered from Ace Photo Digital via, the box arrived to me from Focus Camera Inc. According to Reseller Ratings, Ace Photo Digital has a terrible customer satisfaction rating. I took a big risk of being scammed or unhappy by ordering online without first checking with Reseller Ratings, but figured since it was from Amazon, I would have some room to complain if there was a problem. Well anyways, I needed the filter ASAP, didn’t want to risk scratching the front element.

I placed my order on May 16 and received the package on May 21 via USPS, which is decent considering I only paid for the standard delivery. Total price paid was $39.32 shipped versus $52.50 at B&H Photo Video base price. What’s worth stressing is that sometimes saving a few dollars isn’t worth the headache and difficulty in dealing with a less than reputable dealer. I’ve never had a problem with B&H and neither has many people.

Everything arrived well packaged in an a good sized box with padding inside. The filter was sealed and in perfect condition. I’m happy that transaction went smoothly, but would I do business with Ace Photo Digital again? Probably not because of the high amount of people who have had problems; it’s kinda like gambling. I came out ahead this time, so walk away before you lose it all.

One thing that freaked me out a bit was that upon inspection of the Hoya packaging, I noticed on the back it says “Made by Tokina, Inc.”. Upon further internet investigation, turns out Tokina is the parent company. The U.S. distributor, T (Tokina) H (Hoya) K (Kenko) Photo Products, Inc. is also owned by Tokina. So if you didn’t know that, don’t be freaked out when you order a Hoya filter only to see it say it was made by Tokina.

Also the reason I use Hoya filters is because I’ve never had any issues with Hoya filters before. They are a good mix of cost versus quality. I do own one B+W 77mm filter on my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM and I can’t really tell any difference in picture quality, but there is definitely a noticeable build difference with B+W being superior. If I was to purchase a polarizer or ND filter, I would definitely spend the extra money and purchase B+W ones over Hoya that’s where the difference would matter and justify spending the extra money.

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