2008 FAnime Con

The 2008 FAnime Con was held at San Jose McEnery Convention Center this year during Memorial Weekend (May 23 to May 26). For those who are not familiar with FAnime Con, it’s a big Fan Anime Convention that takes place annually and draws a huge crowd. Some of the biggest highlights are cosplayers, panel discussions, and vendors with all sorts of one of a kind items. Photo link after the jump.After a couple years of being unable to attend the convention, I was finally able to go this year, albeit only on Saturday. The interesting thing about FAnime Con is that it starts on Friday, May 23 and literally does not close until May 26. The events go on for 24/7; I’ve heard people actually sleep there. The badges, during pre-registration, for the entire weekend is $55 or Friday for $25, Saturday and Sunday for $30, and Monday for $20. The key thing to note is that you do not have to buy a badge if you intend to just photograph or meet cosplayers. The badges are only to enter the various exhibit rooms such as the Game Room, Vendor Room, watch anime, etc. I’ve found the $30 I spent for the Saturday badge was a waste because I only photographed inside the exhibit rooms maybe a few times at most.

There is no shortage of photography models, cosplayers love their photos being taken. Everywhere you walk, there is some event or photographing event going on. If you wish to photograph a cosplayer, it’s common courtesy to ask first and they will generally pose for you. I’ve found that trying to apply the photojournalism approach doesn’t yield as many interesting pictures versus just asking to take their photo.

It’s a great event if you are into this sort of thing. It’s also more enjoyable if you go with friends who are also interested in anime, cosplay, photography, etc. Also be sure to pack lots of snacks and drinks. A soda cost $3.50, a hot dog cost $7…yeah. Another way to keep up-to-date with little special happenings is through the forums such as Cosplay.com.

Here are the 96 of 207 pictures that I took on my Flickr page.

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