New Apple iPhone…Twice As Fast, Half The Price

Apple has just released their highly anticipated follow-up to their hugely popular iPhone with a new generation iPhone that now supports 3G internet access and is also slimmer. It doesn’t look really any different than the existing iPhone except the back is slightly more curved. Is it worth the upgrade? Not really unless you need the extra speed of 3G. The biggest things are obviously the third party software/functionality that current iPhone users will be able to really unlock the full potential of their iPhone via iPhone update 2.0. There is still no built-in GPS, although the cell tower triangulation works pretty well. The beauty of what Apple has touted the iPhone to be is infinitely (relatively) software updatable; meaning that while the hardware will continue to get outdated with the release of the 3G iPhone, we should be able to have most, if not all the software functionality that the 3G would get. Which is great, because it doesn’t make me feel like a Treo user when a new Palm Treo came out with cool new features, I either had to a) deal with not having the cool new features; or b) pay and upgrade. So for $200, I’m definitely not running out to upgrade.

In other news, equally exciting is the new service Apple is introducing called MobileMe. This service is intended to directly compete with GMail and Yahoo. I’m wondering what will happen to dot Mac (.Mac)? [UPDATE: After doing a bit of Googling, turns out that .Mac is MobileMe or .Me. Not sure if I quite like the new name.] Will they merge the service or offer two different services. I am definitely interested in MobileMe. Plus there is also better support for Microsoft Exchange, which is great! Unfortunately here at work, we’re still limited to Lotus Notes and probably will continue with Lotus in the forseeable future. I’m hoping there will be some kind of plug-in so that us Lotus Notes users can realize push email/calendar also.

All-in-all, pretty cool. Can’t wait until early July when the 2.0 update is released.

[UPDATE: Just received an email from “The .Mac Team” basically informing .Mac users that we are now .Me and to try it out at Here’s a link on how to prepare for the new MobileMe service from Apple. ]

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