Too (pun intended) Cool WordPress Plugin

Just activated a cool new feature on this site, Comment Info Tip by Golgotha of It’s a very cool plugin that pop-ups a little info box about the commenter such as how many comments the commenter has left, the last comment left and other comments that the commenter has left.¬† All you have to do is hover over the commenter’s name and the info tip box will pop-up. Very cool.

It’s very easy to install, just download it and upload it to your plugins directory and activate it. That’s it. There is no admin backend¬† to fuss with, it just works.

The other cool plugin I’m using is related to commenting. This is a feature long missing from the WordPress core: an easy one button click that allows for replying or quoting of another commenter’s comment. Fortunately Pressography created a kick ass plugin called WP Comment Remix. It does more than just put a reply and quote link (see above picture for example), it also allows you to easily rearrange trackbacks and pingbacks to be under the last comment! Previously you had to do some major theme files edits to separate the trackbacks and pingbacks, now everything is handled by WP Comment Remix. What’s also a real treat is that you can rearrange your comments by date and by ascending or descending, depending on your personal preference. You could also hide the tracksbacks and pingbacks if you don’t want to show. All the options and features are handled in the admin panel for WP Comment Remix.

I highly recommend downloading both plugins and trying them out, you won’t be disappointed. They both work splendidly for WordPress MU.

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