ReplayTV 5040 and Motorola DCT700 Digital Cable Box

With all the cable companies switching off their analog cable lines to switch over to digital, I was starting to worry about how that would all work out on my ReplayTV 5040 being how old it is. I had even avoided plugging in the digital cable boxes I got from San Bruno Cable, which was fine until I couldn’t watch my favorite shows like South Park, Battlestar Gallactica, and anything over channel 42. Fortunately my Replay has an IR blaster which allows the Replay to control a digital cable box. Unfortunately I didn’t have the IR blaster cable, but by the power of Google, I was able to find one for sale at I wasn’t even sure if I could even find an IR blaster cable, but fortunately DigitalRecorder had some for sale for $19.95 shipped. I ordered 1 and received it 3 days later via USPS.

Everything came as advertised. I plugged it into the IR blaster port in the rear and went to Setup > Network and Input Settings > Change ANT/CATV > select Digital Cable box > select my cable provider > select Other (selecting Motorola doesn’t work) > and then selecting 0476 and save. These directions came from xivaro on here. Works great! The only caveat is that the digital cable box can’t be turned off or else the Replay won’t record shows. The Replay can change channels just fine.

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