Canon EOS 1D Review

Joe Schmo: Hey that’s a very professional looking camera there!
Me: Thank you, yes it is.
Joe Schmo: How many megapixels is it?
Me: 4.
Joe Schmo: Wow 40?!
Me: No, 4 megapixels total.
Joe Schmo: That doesn’t sound very professional at all. My little point and shoot has 12 megapixels! I think you overpaid for that thing. Continue reading Canon EOS 1D Review

WordPress iPhone Native App

The new WordPress iPhone Native App sadly does not work with WordPress MU if you use the domain mapping option. It only works for the main website. It won’t connect to any other domain mapped website. The problem has to do with the way we are doing domain mapping and how it affects XML-RPC.

Heath Ledger Is Definitely The Joker

Three things about the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight: 1) it was amazing; 2) it was a bit too long; and 3) Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker. Coincidence or not, but the title of the movie The Dark Knight is reminiscent of the comic book written and drawn by comic icon, Frank Miller by the similar name of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. It was the return of Batman to his true dark nature. This movie definitely has Batman/Bruce Wayne going down that same dark, disturbing path. Continue reading Heath Ledger Is Definitely The Joker

Tickets To Go Review

Looking for those sold out Madonna concert tickets? How about front roll seats to Nickelback? Perhaps you are a big Jimmy Buffet fan and looking for Jimmy Buffet Tickets? is a ticket broker company and part of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB). Continue reading Tickets To Go Review