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Looking for those sold out Madonna concert tickets? How about front roll seats to Nickelback? Perhaps you are a big Jimmy Buffet fan and looking for Jimmy Buffet Tickets? is a ticket broker company and part of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB).

Website Design

Notice the weird hanging "chads" on the left and how the text box doesn't overflows over the tab on the right?
Notice the weird hanging "chads" on the left and how the text box doesn't overflows over the tab on the right?

My first impression, upon visiting their website, is that they seriously need to overhaul the site design. The entire design is laid out in HTML tables. There are also some styling issues with the styling images under the navigation that cheapens the browsing experience.

The site design is so old I would almost believe it was a scam site if not for their reputation. Also if you live in the Bay Area and take BART, you might notice advertising about deals with Tickets To Go on

If you can get over the design, it’s actual not very difficult to navigate the site and find what you are looking for. The Spotlight Events captures your attention of the major acts happening. Underneath you’ll also find Upcoming Events. No matter how good looking a website is, if visitors can’t find what they are looking for, it’s useless. For all the plainness of, it’s loads quick and is easy to navigate.


It’s very clear who competes against. They even spell it out for you if you are confused with this page: TicketMasters Sold Out? Just an FYI, but it’s actually TicketMaster and not TicketMasters. I know it sounds better with the “s”.

With TicketsToGo, you have to purchase tickets in multiples of 2.
Tickets can also be purchased in odd numbers, if they are available.

So to see how the system works out, I decided to look for Carrie Underwood concert tickets. Since she’s a Spotlight Event, I just had to click on her picture and it took me to her bio and also included pictures from various websites, which is a nice touch. There was also a link to check out the seating arrangement, so I decided to randomly choose a venue, Deleware State Fair, and there was a nice GIF image of the seating arrangement. This is definitely an improvement over because with TicketMaster you have practically add the tickets you want to your cart and go through a couple step process before you can even see the seating chart. With, you can easily see the seating arrangement easily, no fuss.

The way purchasing tickets works with is when you select how many tickets you like, depending upon availability, you may have to purchase tickets in multiples of 2. There are cases where you can purchase odd number tickets, but that depends on what artist, venue, or concert.


I’ll admit, 99% of the time Andrea and I attend concerts we usually get our tickets from But one thing that claims is that they can get sold out tickets, at a premium. Perhaps the next time that we’re trying to get sold out tickets, we’ll give a try.

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