MacBook Pro Woes

The keyboard and trackpad on my 15 inch MacBook Pro has been going in and out for the last month or so now. Originally I was thinking it was an issue with Leopard, as some people have been having the same issue after upgrading to Leopard. But I figured it had to be a hardware issue because when I plug in a mouse or keyboard, it works fine. Same thing when I use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

My MacBook Pro at the Genius Bar in San Francisco

So the inboard keyboard and trackpad finally completely gave out yesterday. I figure it was time to get it fixed or spend my commute time twirling my thumbs instead of getting work done.

A trip to San Francisco Apple store ensued, unfortunately the only 2 available front plates that I needed are already spoken for. Rohan, my Genius Guru, happily called a few other Apple Stores to see if any of them had the front plates available. Fortunately Burlingame Apple Store has 5 available, but they are extremely swamped. Figured it was worth a try.

They are swamped and put me on standby. After waiting almost two hours, I was finally attended to by Rick, very helpful and knowledgeable. After informing him of my issue, and then him checking with the techs in the back…turns out to ensure a 100% that the issue will be resolved, the keyboard and trackpad will also be replaced. So, $342.19 for the top plate, $65.63 for the keyboard/trackpad, and $85 for labor sets me back about an arm and a leg. So much for my 350GB hard drive upgrade anytime soon for my MacBook Pro.

Rick of Burlingame Apple Store
Rick of Burlingame Apple Store

I would like to mention, after having observed the Genius Bar staff (Rick and Caty), they are very helpful. The best part I like about how Genius Bar operates is that they aren’t pushy to hurry and see the next person, but rather they spend the time and effort to ensure the user is comfortable with their Mac, iPhone, or iPod. And this is considering that they were understaffed. Most places that are understaffed would be quick to see as many people as possible to weed down the line; not Burlingame Apple Store.

So at close to 7 PM, my MacBook Pro was repaired! Everything is working great like the first day I got this baby. I’m relieved.

As a side note, I should mention, people are still lining up for the 3G iPhone. At the San Francisco Apple Store it was a crazy long line. At the Burlingame Apple Store, it had a decent, steady line. It’s also interesting that Apple advertises the new 3G iPhone as being slimmer than the 1st generation iPhone. It’s not technically true, as the edges maybe slightly thinner, the middle has a hump to accomondate the larger battery.

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