Looking For A Way To Spice Up Your Website?

Site with text? Boring. Site with pictures? Cool. Site with video? Oooh, I’m there. Site with pictures and videos? I’m there! What better way to spice up your website by adding something really dynamic such as videos? They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but with video, you can go to ten thousand, twenty thousand, or a gabillion words! Can’t beat that.

So how can you add videos to your website? Easy, go to YouTube or some other popular video site, upload your videos, copy and paste the special code into your website and done. Easy. But what about the video itself? That’s certainly more challenging. If this is your company website, you want to put your best foot forward don’t you? First impressions are everything, aren’t they? And the website is quickly becoming that first impression. So you want to make a strong impact and convey professionalism. Sure, you can go to the local Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics and pick up a cheap camcorder, record yourself, and then post it up. But is it professional looking and sounding? Does it convey a clear and strong message?

I’m not saying a professional and creative video can’t be made with simple consumer level tools. Having the best and the greatest equipment doesn’t equal an excellent end result and in many cases, having more professional level equipment can actually result in poorer results in the wrong hands. What you really need is the creative spark and that’s where Chicago Video Production‘s Richter Studios comes in.

They are a full on studio that can create interactive and presentational videos for use on the web, in the board room, or a presentation for a potential vendor, promotional DVD to send out to prospective clients, training videos, and much more.

Website Design

RichterStudios.com home page
RichterStudios.com home page

When you first visit RichterStudios.com, you’ll notice that they opt for a simple and elegant design, which is good. You would expect normally expect a video production company to have all sorts of videos on the front page, after all if you are a video production company, it’s best to showcase what you’re supposedly good at. But it’s actually good for Richter Studios not to plaster their front page with videos. It takes longer to watch something than to read something, but somethings are best demonstrated rather than described.

Navigation is excellent. It’s clearly defined so that visitors do not have to search endlessly to navigate. That’s definitely always a big plus. Also there isn’t too many sub navigation fields, which is good also, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible to make navigating painless.

I like the use of colors, vibrant, but not overpowering. Having a good amount of white space is good because it tends to increase readability, but I think RichterStudios.com may just have a bit too much of white space so there a lot of “empty” areas.

A sample of an interactive video
A sample of an interactive video

The site also uses a lot of large graphics, which does impact load times, but spices up the website. I definitely do like the clever contact page. I love how each page has a magazine like layout. It’s quite refreshing and not something you see everyday in web pages. I also love how they prominently portrayal their employees in each portion of their website. It has a much more personal feel that using stock photography.

I also checked the code and it’s surprisingly clean and well laid out. There are comments to indicate what portion of code is what. The only complaints I have is that the alt tags on the images could be a little more descriptive for screen readers and there are some presentational tags that are depreciated such as the use of <b> rather than <strong>.


From what I can tell from browsing through their website is that they offer a very professional and high quality service. The Flash videos are very nicely designed and I especially like the interactive videos (see here for a video demo). As far as I can tell, Richter Studios treats each project uniquely. Here’s what they have to say about pricing:

Fee is negotiated on a per project assignment or through an Enterprise Rollout arrangement.

Richter Studios create videos for three primary purposes: web, videos, and interactive videos. Web videos are created and optimized for websites. The videos services can be for anything, from presentation DVDs to be sent to potential customers, buyers, or investor tools. The interactive videos are like applications, and for the most part they are. You click on a button and it illicits a response, thus being interactive.


I can definitely see that Richter Studios is very successful. With clients such as Snap-on tools, CDW, Dairy Management and many more, it’s hard to argue with results like that. At the same time I’m sure their services are not cheap, but quality products and services usually aren’t. Richter Studios is definitely the Louis Vuitton of the video production industry.

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