Say Hello To The New Canon EOS 50D

After months of agonizing wait, hoping that Canon hasn’t lost it’s way, they have now announced a new SLR body: the Canon EOS 50D, the 40D’s replacement. It looks very similar to the Canon EOS 40D except they really went all out this time and made it a camera that *hopefully* will finally start competing strongly against Nikon again.

Here are the specs as reported by

  • 15.5 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Digic 4
  • 9 point AF sensors (still nothing compared to the Nikon D300’s 54 point AF)
  • ISO 100-3200 with 6400 and 12800
  • Different focusing screens
  • 3.0″ LCD with 920,000 pixels
  • 6.3 frames-per-second for 90 JPEGs with UDMA support

On paper, it looks like Canon is back. This renews my confidence that the new 5D (Mark II?) will definitely be a force to reckon with. Hopefully this will also potentially spell a new Canon EOS 1D Mark III(n?) with an autofocusing system that performs like a 1D and high ISO performance on par with the Nikon D3. Hopefully this signifies a paradigm shift at Canon where they are no longer afraid to put the best of what they have in some of their lower line SLRs like Nikon (D3 versus D700 versus D300).

Canon users rejoice!

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3 thoughts on “Say Hello To The New Canon EOS 50D”

  1. I cannot see a measurable difference in the 50D and the 40D. Who needs more than a 10 megapixel, and why? The 40D shoots 6 frames per second, also. The greatest advantage I can see is the 920,000 pixels on a 3 inch screen versus the 230,000 pixels. This can be a definite advantage when in bright daylight, but other than that enhancement, what am I missing?

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