What I Learned Today: iPhone and Water Don’t Mix

You know how there are warnings about water and the iPhone, like they don’t play well together. Some people seem to have similar issues. Looks like Dan and me are doing the same iPhone stress test. The only difference is that when I walked out of the San Francisco Apple Store, it wasn’t with a 16GB iPhone, but rather a new 8GB iPhone 3G.

I guess all things considered, it could have been worse. I could have had to pay full price for a brand new iPhone if I wasn’t eligible for the cell phone upgrade plan (those who had recently upgraded their cell phones in the last six months are ineligible to upgrade to the iPhone 3G for $199, but rather have to pay the full unsubsidized price of $500 something). It could have taken me hours to get my new iPhone, fortunately it only took all of thirty minutes.

The person that helped me with activating my iPhone 3G was Tipay. She was very nice and courteous and even applied my Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone 3G aligned perfectly! I also had to buy a new Incase Leather Folio belt clip case as my old Incase Leather Fitted belt clip suffered catastrophic damage with my old iPhone.

As for the new iPhone 3G, I like it so far, but I definitely can see the battery life drain when using 3G, but the speed is certainly quite an improvement over the Edge Network. All the fees they charge you is crazy. I have to pay a one-time $18 switch to 3G fee, tax on the unsubsidized amount (which is like $43 because it “cost” some ~$500), and pay an additional $10 a month for the extra internet speed. Be on the look out tomorrow for my initial review of likes and dislikes of the iPhone 3G along with some pictures.

iPhone 3G Gallery Pictures

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