3 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress MU 2.6.1”

  1. I liked it too, and was going to customize it by adding my own header image which merges with the rest of the theme, but I received an email from the theme author (or “distributor”, seems to be a bit unclear) who wanted the “WordPress Themes” link to the author homepage restored in the footer. IMO that’s a spammy link and I had restricted it to the About page.

    The tone of the email soured it for me so I changed it.

    “Unfortunately” for theme authors, any themes uploaded to the new themes repository has to be GPL compatible. Nowhere in the GPL does it say a credit link has to be on a webpage. It’s polite to leave it, but I’d rather not have the theme than display that link. The author credits were still in the style sheet which is sufficient. I don’t think they realise that.

    PS. Great picture of Stripes. 🙂

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