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I keep visiting all these cool websites, each with useful techniques or tips and tricks or even just a cool design, and I bookmark them, but I never visit them again. I then look in my bookmarks to look for something specific and find I have a gabillion bookmarks that make no sense to me because they’re all just website names. I remember why I bookmarked the sites when I bookmarked them, but months and sometimes years later, I can’t recall for the life of me why I bookmarked that site.

What works for me is a list with the reason why I bookmarked something, I guess something kinda like what Delicious offers, but I think it’s more useful for me on my own site because I can do more than just add snippets of text. So starting today, I created a new category, Useful Things as a place to stick all the stuff such as links or pics of things I might need later. – Photoshop, CSS, JavaScript tips and tricks

A cool website by Jonathan Snook that has a lot of cool tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop. I originally came here looking for WordPress badges for my website, and found Jonathan’s post on How To Make A Badass WordPress Logo. I was also further enticed by his cool WordPress theme and was specifically drawn in on how he did post thumbnails. It doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently and there isn’t many posts, but it’s still worth bookmarking. – WordPress Plugin: Snazzy Archives

Vladimir Prelovac has been on a roll with writing great WordPress plugins, but the one plugin that really caught my eye is his cool fancy Snazzy Archives. It’s one of the few plugins that I can confidently say I would pay for. The concept is wonderful and it is visually stunning. Here’s a live demo. It also have various configurations that you can use.

For those that are interested, Vladimir is also responsible for the Live Blogroll, WP Wall, and Theme Test Drive. He’s also the creator of the Amazing Grace WordPress theme that Donncha is currently using on his site. – 10 WordPress Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

I originally stumbled upon this link from and found it to be a great post. Jai Nischal Verma lists 10 very useful code hacks for WordPress theme developers. The topics covered are:

  1. Displaying Gravatars in comments – specifically the code and CSS necessary to have Gravatars appear in the comments section of your theme
  2. Image Gallery in WordPress – the lines of code with the CSS so that you can take advantage of WordPress 2.5’s new built-in Gallery
  3. Adding a “Subscribe to feed” message after every post – a simple way to remind readers to subscribe to your RSS feed
  4. Displaying Twitter messages on your blog
  5. Displaying Authors’ Bio
  6. Categories drop down
  7. Archives drop down
  8. Adding 125×125 Ads to your sidebar
  9. Displaying most commented (popular) posts – this is a way to display the most commented posts without a plugin, but rather the code is directly integrated into the theme
  10. Adding a Print Button to your posts – people sometimes forget to do this for their themes. Make it easy for people to print out the useful information on your website! Don’t forget to style for print also. – Most Desired WordPress Hacks: 11 Common Requests and Fixes

This was the first link in the same article above that is also incredible useful for WordPress theme developers. It’s already got 100 Diggs and 90 comments, so it’s a worthwhile bookmark. The eleven topics covered are:

  1. Using Custom Fields to Display Post Thumbnails
  2. Avoiding Duplicate Content – This is important, not only for SEO, but because there are times you need to run two loops such as the case with Featured posts.
  3. Login Box in your sidebar
  4. Creating a menu Showing Certain Categories
  5. Display Categories in a Dropdown box
  6. Most Wanted Posts and Categories hacks
  7. Post Author Related Solutions

I also like Noupe’s WordPress theme also. It’s nicely designed with nice colors.

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