Just Received My Canon Lens Hood

I had picked up a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM because the price was right and it’s a decent carry around lens, the only problem is that it tends to susceptible to flaring. Unfortunately Canon doesn’t include a lens hood (which helps prevents flares without having to change your physical location) with the consumer/prosumer lenses such as the 28-135mm. Having a lens hood helps protect the front element (having a front filter helps also) from damage in the unlikely event of accidental dropping. Fortunately the lens hood, Canon EW-78B II, isn’t terribly expensive, about ~$20-$30 on Amazon.com.

I was able to find it for a sweet deal, $18.05, on Amazon.com being sold by one of their affiliates: Cameta Camera. With $6.99 for shipping via USPS, the total came to $25.04. I’m quite impressed with the service of Cameta Camera. They shipped my order the next day and within four days I had my lens hood. The only gripe I have is that the packaging they used isn’t very good. They just stuck the Canon lens hood in a standard USPS envelope so the box got a little smashed. Fortunately the hood wasn’t damaged, but I wished they took the extra precaution of putting it into a small box.

So I have a lens hood now for the 28-135mm, fits perfectly, was cheap (for a Canon OEM product), and got it fast. I’m happy.

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