Looking For Tickets To Sold Out Concerts?

Are you interested in catching a once in a lifetime concert but when you go to buy Concert Tickets, it’s sold out?! Why risk trying to buy from ticket scalpers when you can get great seat tickets from ticket brokers? TicketFeeder.com is another one of the few tickets brokers who are able to get sold out concert tickets for you and your friends and/or family.

They have a nicely designed website that is both easy to navigate and easy to view. I personally have not used their services, but if the need did arise, I wouldn’t have any issues with buying tickets from them as they are part of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, which gives me some comfort in knowing that they have been vetted by and adhere to an ethical code of conduct. Plus being accredited by the Better Business Bureau means that TicketFeeder strive to provide the highest level of customer service.

Concert tickets are not the only things that TicketFeeder offers, you can also purchase sport and theater tickets for various locations. TicketFeeder also offers tickets to concerts, not just sold out tickets. You can input your location into their system and sign up for updates in you local area where you will receive an email informing you of any events happening in your area. They offer a RSS feed where you can keep up-to-date from a RSS reader.

One big plus that I like about TicketFeeder is that they put their phone number on the front page in the header unlike other business who do their best to hide it and make it as impossible to find as possible. By prominently displaying your business phone number, it says “we’re here to answer your questions, if you have any.” They also offer Live Chat if you’re at work and have nosy co-workers so you can conduct business privately.

Another thing I like about TicketFeeder is their no-fuss website. You find an event in the area you want, let’s say Lewis Black (the comedian), it gives you the ticket price breakdown with the seat AND the seating chart all on the same page. No popup, no ten clicks to find the price, straight to the point, there it is, buy it now. Compared to TicketMaster, I can purchase a pair of tickets before I go take a bathroom break. With TicketMaster, they have a timer countdown on EVERY PAGE as you try to make a selection and if you exceed the time limit, you have to start over.

TicketFeeder.com is definitely going into my bookmarks for the next time Andrea and I need a pair of tickets.

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  1. I checked out the website, I was surprised by the customer service. I chatted and then called them, I spoke to them about some AC/DC Tickets. I was surprised that they picked up the phone. Great recommendation.. I actually got AC/DC tickets!! Thanks

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