Canon Announces Changes To Canon Professional Services

Canon has announced some changes to the Canon Professional Services (CPS), read all about it on their website. The new CPS structure works as such, there are three levels:


  • Welcome Kit
  • CPS phone hot line
  • 20% discount on repairs


  • Access to loan equipment for two weeks
  • 30% discount on repairs
  • 2 free check & clean services
  • 3 day expedited turn around on repairs
  • $100 annual fee


  • Priority access to loan equipment for two weeks
  • 60% discount on repairs
  • 2 day expedited turn around on repairs with equipment loan if repairs are longer than 2 days
  • $500 annual fee

Dammit, I just recently sent in my CPS packet with a pre-approval signature from one of Canon’s Field Managers. I wonder how this will affect my membership packet as CPS is not accepting any new members. My Canon EOS 5D is in desperate need of repairs and I don’t want to just send it to Canon Irvine Repair Center and have to wait 4-5 weeks for it to be repaired.

In other good news, CPS and Canon Professional Network (the worldwide CPS) are now merging. This means if you are a traveling professional photographer and have CPS membership and your camera/lens breaks, you won’t have as much issues getting service from CPN as it has been in the past.

Well if I have join again, then I’ll most likely go with the Gold membership to start out with. One of the benefits is that we’ll be able to join via the website (they actually have a website now…LOL!) now, which should be quicker turn around time. It’s a pain to have to get all the documents together and send it out to Lake Success, New York.

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