Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull = Ultimate Fail

When the previews first came out about a new Indiana Jones movie, I was a bit surprised, Harrison Ford seems a bit too old to be swinging the whip around, but then again Rocky Balboa was good even though Sylvester Stallone was definitely way too old to be boxing. Figured, how bad could this movie be?

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I even saw the South Park episode where they made fun of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and figured, it couldn’t have been that bad. Boy, couldn’t have been any more wrong.

The entire premise, plot, and ending was horrible. The movie was so focused on extra terrestrials, you could easily replace Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull with E.T. 2 for a title and it would still make sense. The acting by everyone was also quite bad and I normally like Harrison Ford.

You know a movie is bad when you a quarter way in, you think to yourself: “The movie’s still not over?!” This movie, by far, was the worse movie we’ve seen in a long, long time. Here is another review that also agrees.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull = Ultimate Fail”

  1. That review doesn’t agree with you. You = hyperbole out the ass “Worst movie in a long, long time.” vs him = “as an overall enjoyable and rather entertaining”

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