Live In Massachusetts? Looking For A New Car? Truck? SUV?

If you live in or near Framingham, Massachusetts, along with Natick, Marlboro, Milford, Needham, and Wellesley and you are also interested in picking up a Nissan, Nissan Dealer MA might be of help.

My first impression of Framingham Nissan Dealer’s (Nissan Dealer MA) website is that they have a very plain website compared to many other flashy dealer websites such as AutoWest dealers or Stevens Creek Nissan here in the Bay Area. Normally having a plain website means boring which means uninteresting. But when you think of the sleazy new/used dealers you think of how much they are trying to rip you off, so having a simple website might be a good thing because it may convey that they are no fuss, no high pressure sales tactic dealer.

Upon a bit of investigation, I noticed something interesting. The website, is NOT the homepage for Framingham Nissan Dealer. It seems to be a “special” landing page, not sure what purpose for. If you visit, you will get their actual website. In some ways, it seems a bit fishy.

Navigating the website is quite easy and intuitive, which is very important. If you make things too difficult for a potential customer to find, they’ll go somewhere else and you’ve just lost a potential sale. So if I want Service, New Nissan Search, and/or Used Nissan Search it is all right there near the top and easy to find. You can schedule for an appointment to bring in your Nissan for repairs, oil changes, alignment, and a host of other services. The hours are prominently and clearly displayed so you know when they are open (Monday to Saturday), what times they are open (7:30AM – 6:00PM, Saturday 8:00AM – 12:00PM), and when they are closed (Sunday). My two suggestions would be to put the service desk phone number up and move the address from the ity-bity footer bar up to where the hours are.

I also like how in the right hand sidebar, all the cars/trucks/SUV are listed with their corresponding picture so you can easily find the vehicle you want, click on it, and be taken to all the listings for that specific model. I liked it right up until I clicked on one of the images/links and got this message:

The page you have requested does not exist.
You will be redirected to the homepage in 7 seconds. If you do not want to wait, click the following link to return to the home page.

Figuring, OK, one bad link might not be so bad, so I tried another and another and got the same exact problem. Nothing worse than not keeping a business website up-to-date. This would certainly annoy some visitors and once again, lead to loss in a potential sale.

One thing I definitely dislike on the site is the video. It’s really a tacky video and doesn’t serve to help the site any and in some ways detracts from it. I also find that there is too much text with no real organization. A bunch of text on a single page like that does not inspire me to want to read it, but rather skim through it. A suggestion I would have is to break up the information into parts with proper headers such as Introduction, Testimonials, History, etc. Limit each topic to three or four sentences. I’m not 100% sure if I like the $20 off Dunken Donuts with a test drive coupon.

The website starts off with a bit of potential, but then starts seriously falling off the boat. Too much text, the links don’t work, the tacky video, etc. It’s fine to have a landing page other than your homepage, but if it looks completely unprofessional compared to the more professional looking homepage, one has to wonder what is the point. It almost looks borderline spam site without all the ads. I would recommend they take down this landing site or redesign it or at least fix the links.

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