Media Temple DV, Plesk, and Multiple FTP Accounts

One of the things I didn’t realize when I switched from Autica to Media Temple Dedicated Virtual (dv) is that Plesk, unlike CPanel, doesn’t support creating multiple FTP accounts. Of course, this is by far would not sway my switching to Media Temple in the least bit as I hardly have the need for multiple FTP accounts. In any case, this is what I had to do. Continue reading Media Temple DV, Plesk, and Multiple FTP Accounts

Another Great WordPress Site To Bookmark:

I recently had to pull the latest three posts on a WordPress page and came across this great blog,, that had the answer I was looking for. Figuring there as probably other great WordPress tips and tricks, I decided to browse around the site to see if there was other information that might be useful in the future and I definitely wasn’t disappointed at all.

Barry has a number of great posts on his blog that might be helpful for the WordPress developer such as:

So if you get a chance, check out Barry’s blog at and be sure to bookmark it for future reference, I did.

WordPress/WordPress MU: RSS On A WordPress Page

So while making some changes to my office’s public website, I ran into an issue in which i needed to display the latest three posts from the site. Because we are using a static home page, I can’t just go into Settings > Reading and set the “Blog pages show at most” to 3. I also could have edited my functions.php file to include a specific sidebar widget for the theme and add in a hook to call that sidebar widget on the home page’s custom page template, but why add more clutter to the back end when users might mistake the home page sidebar widget for the actual site sidebar widget when they’re making changes? And no one is ever really going to need to remove this functionality from the home page anyways, so it would be silly to add that as an option. Continue reading WordPress/WordPress MU: RSS On A WordPress Page

iPhone Software 3.0 Is Finally Here

After waiting forever for the cool features such as copy-and-paste, Spotlight Search, and so much more, it’s finally here. Apple has released software version 3.0 for the iPhones which open up some cool new features. You can read “How To Use The Best 40 Features of iPhone 3.0” by to get an idea of all the new features and how to use them. Definitely worth upgrading. Unfortunately not everything is supported by AT&T here in the US such as teethering where you can connect you iPhone to your laptop and access the web, but there are still a lot of features we can take advantage of in the meantime. I’m updating my iPhone 3G as we speak.

Moving Web Hosts and Lack of Updates

Fed up with the constant crashing of my virtual private server (VPS) with Autica (which is or was owned by MidPhase), I’ve made the leap and switched web hosts to none other than Media Temple. I’ve been quite happy over the few years I’ve been with Autica, but as of late, their tech support has been lacking. Whereas before there was a lot of patient, one-on-one, quick tech support when I needed it, it has slowly diminished from “here, let me help you with that” to “this is how you do it” or “sorry, can’t help you there”. The final nail in the coffin was when my VPS slowly diminished from being a fast system to Apache crashing 5-7 times a day. I submitted a trouble ticket asking for help in troubleshooting why Apache kept crashing. One of the senior techs was kind enough to up some resources and that seemed to work for a few hours. The next step, according to the techs, was maybe to upgrade to dedicated server hosting. Thanks, but no thanks. Continue reading Moving Web Hosts and Lack of Updates