Moving Web Hosts and Lack of Updates

Fed up with the constant crashing of my virtual private server (VPS) with Autica (which is or was owned by MidPhase), I’ve made the leap and switched web hosts to none other than Media Temple. I’ve been quite happy over the few years I’ve been with Autica, but as of late, their tech support has been lacking. Whereas before there was a lot of patient, one-on-one, quick tech support when I needed it, it has slowly diminished from “here, let me help you with that” to “this is how you do it” or “sorry, can’t help you there”. The final nail in the coffin was when my VPS slowly diminished from being a fast system to Apache crashing 5-7 times a day. I submitted a trouble ticket asking for help in troubleshooting why Apache kept crashing. One of the senior techs was kind enough to up some resources and that seemed to work for a few hours. The next step, according to the techs, was maybe to upgrade to dedicated server hosting. Thanks, but no thanks.

So now I’ve been frantically working to transfer over all the sites that have been hosted on Autica to Media Temple and that has been a slow process because of DNS propagation and my learning curve with Media Temple’s AccountCenter and Plesk. The good thing is that transferring all my data from the sites are very pain-free and easy because of the WordPress Import/Export feature; another great reason to use WordPress.

I signed up for MediaTemple’s (dv), or Dedicated Virtual, with upgraded RAM and it has been a bit of learning experiencing getting adjusted to how Media Temple works. For the most part, I definitely find their Account Center and Plesk interface to be intuitative and relatively simple to use after you figure out what does what and where it is. With Autica, I had Plesk to the extent that I could shutdown/start/restart the VPS and do the same for the individual services whereas with Media Temple, the Plesk is the entire control center for the (dv).

One of the biggest advantage is the 24/7 online and telephone support. Let me tell you, the 24/7 telephone support has made the my monthly cost of the (dv) worth every penny. I’ve had to call Media Temple’s support no less than five times in the last few days with each problem being resolved to my satisfaction. Each of the techs I spoke with were patient, understanding, and competent. With the amazing help of Alvaro, one of Media Temple’s tech gurus, I learned that if you want to run two instances of WordPress MU (WPMU) on a single (dv), you must have a single dedicated IP address for each WPMU instance. I had successfully setup domain1.tld with five or so blogs (e.g. sub1.domain1.tld, sub2.domain1.tld, etc.) and had successfully domain mapped them and then setup another WPMU instance, domain2.tld, and whenever I tried creating a new blog, it would reroute to domain1.tld wanting to create a new blog called sub1domain2tld.domain1.tld. Alvaro was very patient and instead of just saying, well WPMU is a third-party software, so we can’t help you, he spent time going through all the possibilities until he tried setting domain2.tld as the primary site to my IP. I requested another dedicated IP address of Media Temple and had it in like 5 minutes and everything is working great now. That’s service.

Media Temple has been serving my websites so much faster and more efficiently than Autica so far; I’m sure it helps that I have additional RAM. We’ll see how things go once I get all the sites migrated over to Media Temple. I’m also hoping that this isn’t just the honeymoon phase we’re in and that my relationship with Media Temple will continue to be as blissful as it already has.

On another note, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog and I plan to do some updates in the next coming weeks or so and hopefully roll out a new design. In the meantime, you can enjoy this simple, Minimalism theme by WP4-CH.

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