Yes Man Movie Review

I had originally stayed away from this movie when I first saw previews for it because Jim Carey in a comedy is like pizza with ranch sauce, so last year and you can only stand to have so much before you get sick of it.

But my sister got it and Andrea and I didn’t have any other movie choices to choose from, so what the hell, it can’t be that bad right?The premise of the Yes Man seems quite stupid and unimaginative: a guy who says yes to everything. Well turns out time after time I haven’t yet learned not to judge a book by it’s cover; turns out Yes Man is actually funny and fun. I don’t think any other actor but Jim Carey could play the title character who works as a loan processor at who has a boss (Rhys Darby) who could best be described as Austin Powers, both in look, speech, and quirkiness.

200px-YesMan2008posterThe story goes as such, Carl Allen (Jim Carey) is a reclusive divorcee who works as a loan processor at a bank and avoids any kind of social life and neglects his friends until his best friend, Peter (Bradley Cooper) manages to drag Carl to a bar, where Peter announces he and his girlfriend are engaged. There he runs into his ex-wife, Stephanie (Molly Sims) who is there with her boyfriend and having a great time. This further depresses Carl and makes him more reclusive until one day, while taking a break in front of his bank, he runs into an old friend Nick (John Michael Higgins) who tells Carl about his life has changed because of this seminar he attended. Carl brushes this off and think no more about it. Eventually things continue to get worse for Carl and he decides to see what this Yes! seminar is all about and meets motivation Yes! guru Terrence Bundley (Terence Stamp) who convinces Carl that he should stop being a “No Man” and become a Yes! Man. From there the movie continues to take interesting twists that include happy ending with an elderly woman, speaking Korean, Iranian mail-order bride, Harry Potter, singing, and so much more that had Andrea and I laughing at times unexpectedly. I don’t want to give away any more as it’s a worthwhile movie to see.

I had forgotten how good Jim Carey really is. There is a certain everyday guy quality to Jim Carey that makes him come off as genuinely funny and not Seinfeld scripted funny. There are lots of nuances about his acting that are improvised in the movie that makes him fun to watch.

So if you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy/love-story movie to watch with the misses on the couch, I certainly recommend renting Yes Man as you’ll be in for a laugh riot treat with a nice love story.

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