2010: Ring in the New Year

The year has come and gone in what seemed like a blink. As we’re now in 2010, I can’t help but look back at all the memories of 2009.

© bitzi/Flickr.com
© bitzi/Flickr.com

We bought a beautiful house in the Peninsula/San Francisco Bay Area. I celebrated my second anniversary at work. Andrea got hit with furloughs. We brought Stripes to come live with us and celebrated her first birthday at her new home. Then we adopted the cutest little black Bombay from the SPCA so that Stripes would have someone to play with. I got hit with furloughs. God blessed us with a child. We celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. Panther celebrated his very first birthday with us getting a cat condo, he dearly loves. We had a lovely dinner for Andrea’s birthday. We hosted our very first Thanksgiving at our house. Had Christmas at my aunt’s house. And here we are.

So what’s next for 2010? I can’t forsee the future, but the highlights of 2010 will be: our one-year home owners anniversary, Stripes turning seven, our baby being born, our third anniversary, Andrea’s birthday, Panther’s birthday, and our baby’s very first Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am certainly very excited for the future. Happy New Year and God bless.

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