New Television Pilot/Show In San Francisco?

Across the street from San Francisco’s Hall of Justice, on Bryant, is a decent size film crew with extras preparing to film a scene from either a new television pilot or show. From what I could barely see of their badges, it says “Saving Cate”, “Saving Grace” (I doubt it…), it’s saving something Facing Kate. It definitely isn’t filming for NBC’s Trauma, as that was canceled last year.

From the article:

On the small screen: San Francisco is ready for its close-up. The new show “Facing Kate” will film its pilot episode at City Hall today.

The USA drama, about a divorced female lawyer who becomes a mediator, will film scenes in Civic Center Plaza, on the Polk Street steps of City Hall, and in various parts of City Hall itself. The production crew will set up shop in the North Light Court.

The filming is expected to take most of the afternoon and may slow the process of entering City Hall.




It wouldn't be a TV/Movie set without the refreshments
It wouldn't be a TV/Movie set without the refreshments


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