Top 6 Reason Why I Want The New iPhone 4

For the most I would consider myself an Apple Fan-boy, but definitely not a fanatic. I love all things Apple, except for the high prices on the many cool gadgets. But the one enduring product I love from Apple next to their MacBook Pro laptop line is their Apple iPhone. So here’s the top 6 reasons why I want to upgrade iPhones.

Reason #6: I could use the upgrade

I have an iPhone 3G and while it’s great, it’s starting to show its age. I’m finding my phone runs slower than when I first got it, despite hardly loading any applications on here. And while the iPhone 3Gs wasn’t a huge upgrade from the 3G, the iPhone 4 certainly is. The increased processing power of the new A4 chip alone would be a welcomed changed.

Reason #5: Video

I know they introduced video in the iPhone 3Gs, but HD video and the use of a Final Cut App makes it all the more intriguing. Now I can record HD video clips and make some quick edits to send to friends and/or post up online for the world to see immediately. Don’t have to wait until I get home to do some editing before I post it up! Super cute videos of my daughter, here they come!

Video chatting. OMG, Apple has realized one of my biggest wet dreams! Being someone who loves face-to-face conversations, this is like mobile webcaming without the fuss and muss of a bulky laptop! Think of the potentials! I think phone sex has taken on a whole new meaning and we’ll just leave it at that.

Reason #4: Multitasking

I know this is more of an iOS 4 thing than an iPhone 4 feature, but having the A4 processor powering the needs of multitasking would make multitasking a more enjoyable process. Can you imagine how painfully slow the iPhone 3G or even the first generation iPhone would handle multitasking? This has been a welcomed feature since the inception of the iPhone.

Reason #3: Compatibility

One of the beautiful things about Apple is how smooth it is to transition or upgrade up. If you ever upgraded from an older Apple computer to a new Apple computer, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your profiles, files, programs, and just about everything is transferred from one Mac to another with everything in the same place! The same goes for the iPhone. When I upgraded from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G, it took less than 15-minutes and everything was in the same place as I had it. Remember the fun the last time you tried upgrading mobile phones?

Reason #2: Super Sexy Look

Like buying a Rolex, you don’t buy an Apple product merely for its reliability or functionality, but also for its looks. Dependable they are, but sexy, attractive, and eye-popping they are more. How many of us didn’t swoon over the first Apple iPhone? To this day, the iPhone is still the sexiest mobile phone, maybe more so than a Vertu. How many of our jaws drop when Steve Jobs first showcased the MacBook Air? What about the iMac? The iPad?

The new iPhone is absolutely gorgeous. The lines and the simplicity, the smoothness, everything is perfect. Because of its boxy design, it should be much more comfortable to hold.

Reason #1: $199 Upgrade

When the first iPhone was released, they were asking $599 for it. It wasn’t until almost a year later before The price was a tad more reasonable at $399. Finally the iPhone 3G could be had, as an upgrade, for $199. Now the iPhone 4, in many ways a completely different phone than the original or 3G/3Gs is available at the upgrade price of $199 also. For my wife, who still has the original iPhone, it’s a no-brainer. For me, it’s also a no-brainer. So what if I have to sign another two-year contract with crap AT&T? I’ve been with them for so long, it doesn’t even really matter anyways.

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