Project: ABC v3

In the next coming weeks I’ll be starting (again) and hopefully finishing more (finally) of a project that was started more than two years ago. Some of you may remember it from my days on (now AcuraZine) as (ABC).

The main purpose of the site is to create a nexus of Do-It-Yourself guides for anything related to cars. In the past we mainly concentrated on Acuras, specifically CL and TL and occasionally Honda Accords because those were forums that my friend and I frequented. We always had planned to expand it beyond, but never got around to finishing what we had.

My plan is to design the layout and code the structural architecture and allow other people to expand, edit, and moderate the content. My other friend, Dennis, will be co-admining ABC with me. I’ll have an online form in which interested persons can apply for contributor status and those who continue to provide exemplary support and assistance will be granted editor status. The difference between contributors and editors is that contributors can only submit for approval: articles, DIY guides, suggestions, etc.; whereas an editor can post live and approve what contributors submit. More on this as time goes on.