Domain Mapping For WPMU That Makes Sense

Donncha’s new Domain Mapping plugin for WordPress MU is a wonderful plugin that WPMU users have long salivated for since introduced the feature almost a year ago. Donncha, for those who don’t know, is Automattic’s primary (translation: only) WPMU developer and is amazing at rolling features from the WordPress standalone and into the WPMU code base. Continue reading Domain Mapping For WPMU That Makes Sense

WordPress For iPhone Native Application

When it was announced that SixApart was going to have a native application on the iPhone, I was hoping that Automattic would release something similar. Well there was no news, until yesterday. Automattic has released their native application that will allow and self hosted WordPress blogs to post via their iPhones. It looks amazing!

For ever, the more savvy self hosted blog users could use the XML-RPC to do postings by email, which for the most part was fine, but had potential security issues such as if someone knew the email address to send emails to, they could post anything they wanted as there was no authentication other than just knowing the email address. Also when using WordPress MU and doing the Domain Mapping process, the XML-RPC is rendered useless. By having a native application such as this, posting and managing your blog is much more robust! One of the big issues I’ve had posting from iPhone’s Safari was the lack of the TinyMCE buttons and the fact that when in Visual post mode, you couldn’t type in the text area. On top of that, with the occasional crashes, it became quite frustrating. Thank god for the draft auto-save.

One of the coolest features I can see from the native application so far is the ability to use pictures either on the iPhone or taken by the iPhone in your posts. This will make for an interesting use for those who have photoblogs and further reinforces the power of live blogging in this day and age. Amazing. I’ll post my review once I get it loaded on my iPhone. Watch the video.