Migrated To WordPress MU 2.7

Thanks to Donncha’s ever amazing work, I’ve finally upgraded my site from WordPress MU 2.6.5 to WordPress MU (WPMU) 2.7. There were some hiccups during the initial WPMU 2.7 beta upgrade, so I ended up wiping all the WordPress files except for my config file (wp-config.php) and the contents of blogs.dir inside the wp-content folder and re-uploading all the files from the stable release WPMU 2.7. So for those who are having a problem with their WPMU installation after an upgrade, you could always delete everything but the wp-config.php file and blogs.dir folder and re-upload all the files fresh. I’ve found doing a drag-and-drop via FTP of new files on top of old files has never failed to produce errors. Another good option might be Subversion.

So how is the new WordPress MU 2.7, the new user interface, and functionality? Well so far, it’s excellent. Read on to hear more about my thoughts on the new WPMU 2.7. Continue reading Migrated To WordPress MU 2.7