COBA Meeting: Wireless Digital Photography and Sensor Cleaning

This is our second meeting of the year and also second time at our new meeting place: SmugMug Headquarters. Adam Tow presented about his take on wireless digital photography including a live demonstration and one of our fellow members, J.C. Dill and Landon talked about their experiences with sensor cleaning. Read the in-depth summary after the jump including pics. Continue reading COBA Meeting: Wireless Digital Photography and Sensor Cleaning

CPS Loan Program FAQ

This is a verbatim reprint of a 2 sheet FAQ passed out by Jim Rose at the August 13 COBA meeting titled CPS Loan Program Frequently Asked Procedural Questions.

Q. What is the purpose of the Canon Professional Services Program and can anybody become a member?

A. Canon U.S.A., Inc. offers benefits program designed for professional photographers. CPS offer members the opportunity to borrow equipment on a short term basis for evaluation prior to purchase. Additionally, expedited CPS Pro Rush Service provides a 3-5 day turnaround time for members in good standing with a valid CPS Number. Membership is renewable every two years.

Q. What constitutes a professional photographer?

A. professional photographer is defined as someone who derives at least 51% of his or her annual income from photography.

Q. I qualify as a professional photographer. How do I become a CPS member?

A. Email or call for a CPS Membership Introduction Package. Fill out and sign the CPS Membership Application and Member Information form. Return both along with all required credentials. Credentials are required by CPS to substantiate your professional status so they we may offer priority service for professionals whose livelihood depends on their Canon equipment. Every application is considered on a case by case basis. Please allow two to four weeks for processing. Once your application is approved, you will recieve a “Welcome Packet” contained a certified CPS Membership Card with your CPS Number, as well as, supplemental CPS information.

Q. How do I borrow equipment from CPS?

A. You may request a loan by emailing or calling CPS in New York at least two weeks in advance. All loans are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, usually 14 days including shipping time. Please realize that often the demand for loan equipment is greater than supply. Canon’s intention is to accommodate as many photographers as possible. Therefore, it may be necessary to limit the amount of equipment, duration and frequency of loans requested. CPS staff members will determine when a specific item is available and will communicate the loan date period prior to shipment. There is usually a two to four week waiting list. In the unfortunate event that your equipment is lost, stolen or will be delayed in the Service Center, CPS will attempt to provide emergency back-up equipment on a short-term loan basis. The CPS program is not to be used for the permanent replacement of personal photographic equipment.

Q. How often may I borrow a particular item?

A. We have a limit on the number of times you can borrow the same piece of equipment. Canon feels that if you have had the opportunity to try the equipment on two separate occasions, you should be able to make a decision as to whether or not it is suitable for your needs. This is primarily a Try Before You Buy program. Do Not rely on our equipment to be available on a specific date for your assignment. Our computerized “member history” monitors your loans. We do, however, permit you to try other items in our inventory.

Q. Can I borrow equipment to cover my assignments?

A. Equipment loans are on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. CPS Staff will determine the loan period of the item you are requesting. In the event that loan period coincides with your assignment, CPS suggests that you back yourself up with your own equipment. Although we do all we can to keep out equipment functioning properly, it is borrowed and used extensively. C.P.S. and Canon U.S.A., Inc. will not be responsible for lost images or revenue due to the malfunction of borrowed equipment.

Q. Who is responsible for the borrowed equipment and accessories?

A. According to the Loan Agreement, the CPS Member is responsible for all cameras, lenses and accessories borrowed including, but not limited to caps, straps, hoods, cases, covers, batteries, cables, etc… . CPS equipment sent to you includes all appropriate accessories. Damage to/or loss of any item while in your possession will be charged back to you. Insurance on borrowed equipment is the CPS Member’s responsibility! In addition, the CPS Member is solely responsible for covering the cost of the return shipment to Canon CPS Headquarters in Lake Success, New York. The FedEx Two-Day Economy shipment to you is covered by Canon.

Q. Can I call CPS to request a loan at any time during the year?

A. CPS tries to maintain a pool of available loan equipment that is sufficient to cover your emergency needs. However, there are several times during the year when major events are taking place and certain loan equipment might be unavailable. Please understand that you may not be able to get the loan equipment you want during this time period although we make every effort to accommodate you.

Q. When on location at an event, may I borrow Canon CPS cameras and lenses?

A. CPS is present at many events throughout the year with professional equipment avaialble for loan. Please be aware, though, that the loan program is designed to let CPS Members test various products prior to purchase. CPS will provide loaner cameras adn lenses during preliminaries. On the actual event day, however, we will only supply additional lenses to supplement your exisiting equipment and emergency backup cameras to cover your repairs.

Q. Should I contact CPS with my change of address?

A. For your own protection, we require you send change of address to CPS by email, in writing, or by fax. Include your signature and CPS Number. This eliminates the possibility of someone else calling with your name and giving us their address for shipping purposes.

Q. Is it possible to buy used Canon photo equipment from the CPS program?

A. No, Canon does not sell directly to the end user whether the equipment is brand new or used. Although, Canon occasionally offers rebate programs, CPS can not offer additional discounts.

Q. How do I renew my CPS membership?

A. Prior to the expiration of your one year membership term, you will automatically be sent a renewal Membership Application and full instructions. Return all requested materials as soon as possible to substantiate your continuing professional status. When your application is approved, you will be sent a new “Welcome Packet” including a new CPS Membership Card and supplemental CPS information. Your membership will then continue without interruption. If you do not receive one, contact

Q. If I need technical information or advice regarding use of my Canon equipment who should I call?

A. Canon has Regional Offices across the U.S. The Canon Professional Markets Representative from your local region will be able to assist you. Although our Canon Reps travel frequently, please email your Rep first and leave a detailed message. They will respond as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance, you may contact the Technology Information Department in New York.

To Obtain A CPS Membership Introduction Package

Email:, or call 516-328-4283, or fax 516-327-2166, or write to

Consumer Imaging Group
Canon U.S.A. Inc.
Lake Success, New York 11042

To Request A CPS Equipment Loan

Email:, or call 516-328-4837, or fax 516-327-2166.

COBA Meeting: AutoMate and Camera Insurance

Yesterday was my second Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) monthly meeting. For those who don’t know, COBA is a monthly camera club in the Bay Area typically held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Cordura Hall 100 at Stanford University. COBA was founded by Adam Tow, who also presides over the meetings. COBA is intended for photographers (hobbyist, professionals, amateurs, and everyone in between) to have a forum to meet and discuss all things related to photography.

For yesterday’s meeting, our agenda was about a product called AutoMate and Camera Insurance. Continue reading COBA Meeting: AutoMate and Camera Insurance