Canon 5D Mark II Real life Experience Review

Wow, the Canon 5D Mark II (kit with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM) is an unbelievable camera and I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at this camera. According to dxomark, the 5D2 is rank 4th among some very expensive cameras. Based on it score, I believe the 5D2 is a much better deal.

Now to be honest with you all, I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, but rather it just a hobby of mine. I have read many of the reviews and many of the comparisons between other cameras and I have to say my 3 weeks of experience with this camera certainly lines well with the reviews. I have no real way to compare the 5D2 with any of the more interesting camera such as the Canon 50D, 1D3, or the Nikon D3. There are plenty of other reviews available that covers this angle of the 5D2 story. I have not seen much real life reviews of the camera, so I figure I take this opportunity to write a review based on real life conditions. To put things in the proper context, I am upgrading from the Canon EOS Rebel XT. I had considered upgrading to the 40D, but I felt that it was not enough bang for me to upgrade. The Canon 5D Mark II offered the bang I was looking to achieve and I truly believe it was worth every penny. Continue reading Canon 5D Mark II Real life Experience Review

Canon Launches 1000D, The New Rebel XS

The rumors had been circulating for awhile of Canon’s newest release, the Canon Rebel XS (or 1000D, as it is known everywhere but in the United States). Nikon had been scooping up the pre-entry-level SLR market for awhile with their hugely popular D40 and D40x and now the D60 whereas Canon’s entry-level consumer camera, the Rebel line had previously dominated. But now, Canon is poised to compete with Nikon for that goldmine: the set of users who are looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot to a baby SLR. Continue reading Canon Launches 1000D, The New Rebel XS