Windows 7 Enterprise On A Netbook

I own an Asus Eee PC 1000H netbook purchased from Costco sometime ago that was pre-loaded with Windows XP Home edition. One of the first things I did was to reformat it to Windows XP Professional to take advantage of features such as better networking tools and Remote Desktop.  That worked great for all my needs: web surfing and watching Anime videos at the gym during cardio workouts.

I knew early on I was not going to upgrade to Windows Vista on the netbook given the resource hog that Vista is, but when Windows 7 was announced, I was interested; more so when I learned that Windows 7 would be designed to work better with netbooks than Windows Vista. Continue reading Windows 7 Enterprise On A Netbook

WinXP on MacBook Benchmarks

In regards to this previous post about WinXP on the MacBook Pro, PC World has conducted a benchmark review in comparison of WinXP running on: a 2.0GHz Duo Core iMac, a 2.16GHz Duo Core MacBook Pro, a Dell Inspiron 2.0GHz Duo Core E1705 laptop, a HP Compaq 2.16GHz Duo Core laptop, and a HP Pavilion 2.0GHz Athlon 64 a1250n Media Center desktop. In most cases such as multitasking, Roxio VideoWave, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1, and Microsoft Office 2002 SP-2, the MacBook clocked the best times. The categories that the machines were competing in were: WorldBench 5 Score, Multitasking, Windows Media Encoder 9, Roxio VideoWave, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1, and Microsoft Office 2002 SP-2. The HP Compaq nx9420 has the best WorldBench 5 score with the MacBook Pro coming in second. The complete article can be found here on Macworld’s site.

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