ADC, DVI, and the Intel Mac Mini

For those of you (or your clients) who have old ADC cinema displays and wish to upgrade computers, but not spend the money to get a new screen, there is way to continue using your Apple Display Connector (ADC) screen.

Here is a picture of the ADC:


Here is the article on how to make it work:

Apple Display Connector (ADC) Displays on DVI Machines

Can’t Connect Apple Cinema Displays to new DVI machines?

So I had recently purchased a new Intel Mac Mini for one of my clients. After much wait, it arrived and so I configured it and installed applications that he would need. So I bring the completed Mac Mini to his office to switch out the PowerMac G5 he currently has and use his existing Cinema Display, I run into a slight problem, the cord on the Cinema Display doesn’t fit the DVI port on the Mac Mini!


So I quickly ran to Fry’s Electronics to see if they had an ADC to DVI convertor. Nope. Searching Apple’s Store site with the assistance from my friend/co-worker, we were able to find an adapter that Apple makes: DVI to ADC Adapter. Perfect! The cost of it was $99, a bit steep but considering the cost of the 30 inch cinema display…well worth it.