Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown

2007-04-22 - Cherry Blossom Festival - 054So I went to the 40th Annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown in San Francisco, CA today. Very cool event. It was super crowded and they closed off Post street between Fillmore Street and Laguna Street for the grand parade that marched from City Hall to here. There were many participants, my primary interest was the Anime Costume Contest which started late at 3pm. The grand parade started at 1pm. Mayor Gavin Newsom was there to speak as well as the Chief of Police, Heather J. Fong.

This was ninth consecutive year the Anime Costume Contest has been going on. It was quite an experience to see in person and see the level of detail Anime fans devoted to the costumes. Seeing is believing, check out the pics: or