Happy Holidays Everyone

Christmas. Christ’s Mass. Jesus’ birthday. Andrea and I aren’t really religious, but we do believe in a higher power and that not everything can be explained through science. We don’t question the theory of evolution and we don’t believe that on some random day we appeared as we are today: homo sapien.

But we celebrate this day as do millions of others. We give gifts to our family and friends, although this year we can’t give as generous as we have a house and a child on the way. And after Christmas is over, there is only a week before we start a new year.

This year the family (my parents and extended family of uncles, aunts, and grandparents) will be converging on my aunt’s house in the East Bay to eat, mingle, pass out gifts, and open gifts. Pretty much the same thing we did the year before.

But next year will be different. Next year will be our child’s very first Christmas. We’ll be doing things we keep saying we’ll do but never get around to doing it: decorating, getting a Christmas tree, and sending out Christmas cards. But with a child, it’s different. You want your child to experience these holidays and have fond and fun memories to look back upon.

So enjoy the time and memories with you friends and family today. I know we will.

Merry Christmas!

© invisghost. Found on Flickr.
© invisghost. Found on Flickr.