Top 6 Reason Why I Want The New iPhone 4

For the most I would consider myself an Apple Fan-boy, but definitely not a fanatic. I love all things Apple, except for the high prices on the many cool gadgets. But the one enduring product I love from Apple next to their MacBook Pro laptop line is their Apple iPhone. So here’s the top 6 reasons why I want to upgrade iPhones.

Reason #6: I could use the upgrade

I have an iPhone 3G and while it’s great, it’s starting to show its age. I’m finding my phone runs slower than when I first got it, despite hardly loading any applications on here. And while the iPhone 3Gs wasn’t a huge upgrade from the 3G, the iPhone 4 certainly is. The increased processing power of the new A4 chip alone would be a welcomed changed.

Reason #5: Video

I know they introduced video in the iPhone 3Gs, but HD video and the use of a Final Cut App makes it all the more intriguing. Now I can record HD video clips and make some quick edits to send to friends and/or post up online for the world to see immediately. Don’t have to wait until I get home to do some editing before I post it up! Super cute videos of my daughter, here they come!

Video chatting. OMG, Apple has realized one of my biggest wet dreams! Being someone who loves face-to-face conversations, this is like mobile webcaming without the fuss and muss of a bulky laptop! Think of the potentials! I think phone sex has taken on a whole new meaning and we’ll just leave it at that.

Reason #4: Multitasking

I know this is more of an iOS 4 thing than an iPhone 4 feature, but having the A4 processor powering the needs of multitasking would make multitasking a more enjoyable process. Can you imagine how painfully slow the iPhone 3G or even the first generation iPhone would handle multitasking? This has been a welcomed feature since the inception of the iPhone.

Reason #3: Compatibility

One of the beautiful things about Apple is how smooth it is to transition or upgrade up. If you ever upgraded from an older Apple computer to a new Apple computer, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your profiles, files, programs, and just about everything is transferred from one Mac to another with everything in the same place! The same goes for the iPhone. When I upgraded from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G, it took less than 15-minutes and everything was in the same place as I had it. Remember the fun the last time you tried upgrading mobile phones?

Reason #2: Super Sexy Look

Like buying a Rolex, you don’t buy an Apple product merely for its reliability or functionality, but also for its looks. Dependable they are, but sexy, attractive, and eye-popping they are more. How many of us didn’t swoon over the first Apple iPhone? To this day, the iPhone is still the sexiest mobile phone, maybe more so than a Vertu. How many of our jaws drop when Steve Jobs first showcased the MacBook Air? What about the iMac? The iPad?

The new iPhone is absolutely gorgeous. The lines and the simplicity, the smoothness, everything is perfect. Because of its boxy design, it should be much more comfortable to hold.

Reason #1: $199 Upgrade

When the first iPhone was released, they were asking $599 for it. It wasn’t until almost a year later before The price was a tad more reasonable at $399. Finally the iPhone 3G could be had, as an upgrade, for $199. Now the iPhone 4, in many ways a completely different phone than the original or 3G/3Gs is available at the upgrade price of $199 also. For my wife, who still has the original iPhone, it’s a no-brainer. For me, it’s also a no-brainer. So what if I have to sign another two-year contract with crap AT&T? I’ve been with them for so long, it doesn’t even really matter anyways.

iPhone Software 3.0 Is Finally Here

After waiting forever for the cool features such as copy-and-paste, Spotlight Search, and so much more, it’s finally here. Apple has released software version 3.0 for the iPhones which open up some cool new features. You can read “How To Use The Best 40 Features of iPhone 3.0” by to get an idea of all the new features and how to use them. Definitely worth upgrading. Unfortunately not everything is supported by AT&T here in the US such as teethering where you can connect you iPhone to your laptop and access the web, but there are still a lot of features we can take advantage of in the meantime. I’m updating my iPhone 3G as we speak.

What I Learned Today: iPhone and Water Don’t Mix

You know how there are warnings about water and the iPhone, like they don’t play well together. Some people seem to have similar issues. Looks like Dan and me are doing the same iPhone stress test. The only difference is that when I walked out of the San Francisco Apple Store, it wasn’t with a 16GB iPhone, but rather a new 8GB iPhone 3G. Continue reading What I Learned Today: iPhone and Water Don’t Mix

WordPress iPhone Native App

The new WordPress iPhone Native App sadly does not work with WordPress MU if you use the domain mapping option. It only works for the main website. It won’t connect to any other domain mapped website. The problem has to do with the way we are doing domain mapping and how it affects XML-RPC.

VModa Vibe Duo Nero Earbuds Review

I had long known that the included Apple i-Buds(?)…earbuds…earphones simply, just do not cut it. They’re big and clunky when you put them in your ear and half the time don’t even stay in. But when I got my iPhone, the included earphones had one great feature: the press button answer/hang-up/pause/skip-to-next-track button & microphone. So I dealt with it for that one main feature until I saw the VModa Vibe Duo Nero. Continue reading VModa Vibe Duo Nero Earbuds Review

MobileMe and iPhone Software 2.0

So the new iPhone 3G is released as of today and I’m sure there are lines at all the Apple stores. But that’s not what I’m excited about. I’m excited about the other two releases: MobileMe and the iPhone Software version 2.0.

iPhone Software 2.0

So the new 2.0 software is 218.6 MB large and can be downloaded from iTunes. I downloaded it and let it do it’s thing. It took a very long time from when the software was unpackaged, loaded to the phone, and installation. Everything was fine until it came time to activate the iPhone. I’m sure the iTunes server is getting hammered because many times I couldn’t get a connection to the server to activate my iPhone. If anyone else runs into the same problem, just be patient and keep trying.


I can certainly say that MobileMe is much more visual stimulating (pretty) than dot Mac. But does pretty equal usable? Not sure yet as I’m having problems getting emails or anything else after logging in. But I can say, from what I see so far, it does look like usability will be a bit faster. It certainly looks iPhone-y.

WordPress For iPhone Native Application

When it was announced that SixApart was going to have a native application on the iPhone, I was hoping that Automattic would release something similar. Well there was no news, until yesterday. Automattic has released their native application that will allow and self hosted WordPress blogs to post via their iPhones. It looks amazing!

For ever, the more savvy self hosted blog users could use the XML-RPC to do postings by email, which for the most part was fine, but had potential security issues such as if someone knew the email address to send emails to, they could post anything they wanted as there was no authentication other than just knowing the email address. Also when using WordPress MU and doing the Domain Mapping process, the XML-RPC is rendered useless. By having a native application such as this, posting and managing your blog is much more robust! One of the big issues I’ve had posting from iPhone’s Safari was the lack of the TinyMCE buttons and the fact that when in Visual post mode, you couldn’t type in the text area. On top of that, with the occasional crashes, it became quite frustrating. Thank god for the draft auto-save.

One of the coolest features I can see from the native application so far is the ability to use pictures either on the iPhone or taken by the iPhone in your posts. This will make for an interesting use for those who have photoblogs and further reinforces the power of live blogging in this day and age. Amazing. I’ll post my review once I get it loaded on my iPhone. Watch the video.

Shure E2C-N, premium ear buds: An In Depth Review

The set of ear buds that you receive packaged with the Apple iPhone leaves things to be desired for sounds quality and comfort. So not long after getting the iPhone, I began looking for a great pair of ear buds; something that produced clear, crisp, and natural highs and mids and good solid deep lows. I’ve read quite a number of reviews on the Shure and they seem to be a popular choice.

It’s not easy to find good ear buds that also work with the iPhone because of the recessed headphone jack. Unfortunately the Shure E2C-N are not “iPhone compatible”. You can use the Shure with the iPhone, but the ear bud jack has to be inserted a certain way. This makes it a pain-in-the-ass to use because if you accidentally touch the jack, you lose sound because the contacts lose connection. To fix this, you have to strip off some of the excess plastic covering around the jack.

Build Quality

shure-e2c-n-apple-iphoneI purchased the Shure E2C-N at an AT&T store for $99. The first thing I noticed about the Shure E2C-N is how well built these ear buds are. The wires are twice as thick as the stock iPhone ear buds. Even the Shure drivers are almost twice as big as the Apple’s! From feel alone, you can definitely tell where some of the $99 goes towards.

While the wires are nice and hefty, they are a bit on the long side. I’m 5 feet 8 inches and I wear my iPhone at my belt and I found I had to put a good 2 inches of wire into my pocket to keep it from dangling in front of me. Many people would agree that the Apple ear buds are just about perfect length, just long enough to keep the wire from dangling everywhere.

Another major drawback with the E2C-N is the lack of a hands free microphone that comes standard with the Apple iPhone ear buds. Some people may not use the hands free, but I find it incredible convenient when I’m listening to music and someone calls; I can take the call and then go back to listening to my music, all without taking off my ear buds.

Comfort and Fit

If you have never worn in-ear ear buds before (I never had), it takes a bit getting used to. The idea of sticking some plastic and rubber deep into your ear canal is a bit unnerving. But to truly effective and “sound-isolating”, it has to tightly close off the ear canal so that nothing interferes with the sound and you hearing it.

shure-e2c-n-apple-iphone.jpgPutting the Shure EC2-N on isn’t as quick or easy as the stock Apple ear buds; you don’t just stick it in the opening of your ear. The Shure goes on a specific way; first the inner ear tube and then the driver follows behind to create an additional seal. I highly recommend that you use the smallest available foam coverings on the ear tube first, as in most cases you’ll find it is the optimal fit.

Long term wear is definitely very uncomfortable. I found I was getting headaches because the Shure was putting pressure on my inner ear and it made it very difficult to enjoy the music. I also noticed a higher level of ear wax buildup when wearing the Shures.

Another thing worth mentioning is something that has been brought up numerous of times: the rubbing sound. Because the wires are thick and the ear buds provide such a high level of sound isolation, when you walk or run the wires rubbing against your shirt cause a vibration sound that can get quite annoying quite quickly. There is no real way to remedy this problem other than to minimize the wires from rubbing against your clothes. This is the same idea behind using two Styrofoam cups tied together with a string end to end. When you pull it tight and talk into one Styrofoam cup, the other person with the other Styrofoam can hear you.

One last quip I have about the ear bud jacks is the way the jack is shaped: L shaped rather than straight. It may not bother many people, but it does bother me.

Sound Quality

The Shure E2C-N sound amazing. The mids and highs sound lifelike, but the lows leave something to be desired. I tried adjusting bass boost on the iPhone’s EQ but that didn’t help much. The sound isolation works very, very well. I commuteshure-e2c-n-apple-iphone2.jpg via BART (underground subway) and the echo sound of the train flying through the subway tunnels makes it difficult to concentrate. With the Shure E2C-N, outside noises are “canceled” by at least 40%. Keep in mind that sound isolating is completely different from noise cancellation. Noise cancellation technology uses software to block unwanted sounds and in some cases, introduce additional “artifacts”, such as buzzing, to your music.

The Shure E2C-N are great if you primarily listen to vocal, acoustic, or classical music. You’ll be sorely disappointed if you listen to rock and rap with these ear buds.


Are the Shure E2C-N worth it? Yes and no, it depends. The sound quality is great but lacking in bass. It isolates a lot of outside noises but is very uncomfortable to wear for short of long periods of time. The build quality is excellent, but the ear bud jack doesn’t fit correctly with the iPhone, but will work great with the iPods.