MobileMe and iPhone Software 2.0

So the new iPhone 3G is released as of today and I’m sure there are lines at all the Apple stores. But that’s not what I’m excited about. I’m excited about the other two releases: MobileMe and the iPhone Software version 2.0.

iPhone Software 2.0

So the new 2.0 software is 218.6 MB large and can be downloaded from iTunes. I downloaded it and let it do it’s thing. It took a very long time from when the software was unpackaged, loaded to the phone, and installation. Everything was fine until it came time to activate the iPhone. I’m sure the iTunes server is getting hammered because many times I couldn’t get a connection to the server to activate my iPhone. If anyone else runs into the same problem, just be patient and keep trying.


I can certainly say that MobileMe is much more visual stimulating (pretty) than dot Mac. But does pretty equal usable? Not sure yet as I’m having problems getting emails or anything else after logging in. But I can say, from what I see so far, it does look like usability will be a bit faster. It certainly looks iPhone-y.