Apples Releases MacBook and No More 1.83Ghz MacBook Pro

It was only a matter of time before Apple would do this: release a replacement for the 12″ PowerBooks. Today, Apple released the 13.3″ MacBook. What is more amazing is there is a new choice of color: black. Interestingly, the black color MacBook comes at a $200 additional premium over its white selection equally equipped.

I must say, the black is definitely a nice color. I would like to see it in person. Find it here:

It also appears that Apple has removed the 1.83GHz from its MacBook Pro line. The only processor models available are: 2.00GHz 15.4″ MacBook Pro, 2.16GHz 15.4″ MacBook Pro, and the 2.16GHz 17″ MacBook Pro. I have a 1.83GHz, and having the MacBook Pro for less than a few months, I already feel obsolete.