How To Remove Internet Security 2010 Malware

A number of our computers in the office has been infected with this stupid “Internet Security 2010” malware that poses as an anti-virus software informing the user that their computer has been infected and needs to be inoculated and cleaned for a low, low price of $50. According to the site where I found the solution,, “It will then scan your computer and display numerous infections, but will not remove anything until you purchase the program. These infections, though, are all fake and are only being shown to trick you into thinking you are infected so that you then purchase the program. It goes without saying that you should definitely not purchase this program.”


This particular malware is really annoying as it brings your computer to a grinding halt as well as prevent you from opening up or running any programs easily. So far I’ve only seen this hit Windows XP computers, but I’m sure other Microsoft OS are vulnerable.


Great. So how do we get rid of it? Very easy. Download and install the free version of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (MBAM) here. Do the quick scan first to get rid of the problem, it’ll ask you to reboot, and then run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware again and do a full-scan to make sure everything is gone. I haven’t found it to be any more or less effective installing and running MBAM in Windows Safe Mode or not. Either way seems to get rid of the virus.

Problem solved.