Media Temple DV, Plesk, and Multiple FTP Accounts

One of the things I didn’t realize when I switched from Autica to Media Temple Dedicated Virtual (dv) is that Plesk, unlike CPanel, doesn’t support creating multiple FTP accounts. Of course, this is by far would not sway my switching to Media Temple in the least bit as I hardly have the need for multiple FTP accounts. In any case, this is what I had to do. Continue reading Media Temple DV, Plesk, and Multiple FTP Accounts

Another Great WordPress Site To Bookmark:

I recently had to pull the latest three posts on a WordPress page and came across this great blog,, that had the answer I was looking for. Figuring there as probably other great WordPress tips and tricks, I decided to browse around the site to see if there was other information that might be useful in the future and I definitely wasn’t disappointed at all.

Barry has a number of great posts on his blog that might be helpful for the WordPress developer such as:

So if you get a chance, check out Barry’s blog at and be sure to bookmark it for future reference, I did.