Happy Chinese New Year!

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Better late than never as the old adage goes. This year is the Year of the Ox. You can read all about the attributes of being an OX at Wikipedia. I’ve been quite a bit behind in my blogging as of late because of many different projects.

We’ve been doing a lot of exciting new things here at the San Francisco Office of the Public Defender. We’re rolling out our new Cisco wireless, we’ve just completed fiber connections (faster internet speed, yay!), we’re about to begin first phase of testing on virtualization, various intranet related projects, and much more.

Also, Andrea and I have finally realized one of the American dreams: home ownership. So we’ve been busy transitioning from our condo to the new house. Moving is such an unbelievable pain. We finally got cable a couple of days ago but still do not have internet. Apparently there is some “wiring issues” at one of AT&T’s sub-stations and they have to send an engineer out.

Otherwise, this year is going good so far. We’ve finished our Federal taxes (only getting a dismal $61 back), and waiting to submit the State tax because we owe, a whopping $581… So yeah. Such is life.

Stay tuned for new posts coming soon.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2009

Another year. It always seems that after Thanksgiving, the years just seems to pass by so fast. For most of 2008, it definitely has not been a good year for many people with foreclosures, layoffs, the budget crisis here in California, business closures, and dismal Christmas sales. Everyone has been affected in one way or another.

To top it all off, the U.S. has been in a recession since December 2007. Pretty dismal news. But it’s a new year, a new hope, and things will be better. It’s important to keep what’s important in perspective: love, family, health, and most of all: faith.

For my new year’s resolution, I plan to lose more weight, save more money, expand our business, learn new skills, and read more.

God Bless, happy new year!